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You misunderstood me - Moya David sheds light on patenting dance moves

Moya David recently warned content creators or any other person from using his dance moves

Choreographer Moya David [Instagram]

Choreographer David Moya has shed some light on what he meant when he said that he will sue anyone joyriding on his viral dance moves after receiving backlash from Kenyans.

While speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai in Nairobi recently, the content creator stated that his message was misinterpreted by Kenyans because he just delivered the warning on a lighter note.

Moya who has visited many countries to surprise his fans and clients through dancing says that he he is just a choreographer and that he just wants his original work to be associated with him.


"Me copyrighting the choreography doesn't mean that I'm preventing people from dancing. It's only that I am owning the rights to my creation.

"In case non-fungible token (NFT) decides that they want to buy the dance, how will I prove it's mine? You just need to have the certificate to prove that you created the choreography," explained Moya.

His explanation has come days after Kenyans asked him to stop using People's music in his videos since they were also copyrighted.


Moya added that he was not preventing people from dancing but rather protecting his work which is not a bad thing to do.

Moya David also opened up on how he was perplexed when he saw comments stating that dance moves can't be copyrighted.

"I saw some comments stating that one cannot copyright your own dance. Imagine you can. It is possible," added Moya.


The dance master even offered to show Eve his certificate as he explained how everything was done before his moves were patented.

According to Moya, dancing means a lot to him and it could be the only thing that could make him rich in the future if he was to be approached by someone who wanted to purchase the rights.


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