Diamond and Zuchu on the spot over their new song after Tanasha’s comment

Zuchu and Diamond accused of stealing Tanasha's lyrics

Diamond Platnumz,  Zuchu and Tanasha Donna

Fans have turned the heat on Diamond Platnumz and his new signee Zuchu over allegations of copy pasting Tanasha Donna’s lyrics in their new trendy song Cheche.

On Tuesday, Tanasha Donna put up a short video jamming to her song Rider Ft Khaligraph Jones, sending out a message (Indirectly) that someone had stolen her lyrics. The video sparked wild reactions as fans were quick to notice the similarity in the Spanish used in Tanasha Donna’s song and the intro in Zuchu’s song that she has featured Chibu Dangote.

“Yo te quiero tanteee , for your love asante....🎼 🤣👑 One of my fav tracks on #DONNATELLAEP hands down! Back to when RIDE ft @khaligraph_jones was trending #1 on @audiomackafrica without an official release. Good music sells itself, never forced. Enyewe demand on this video imekuwa high... Sijui after #nawewe ni release hii? PLUS , My teddy bear @naseeb.junior has decided he gotta be a part of my video, jamani 🤣😇🧸❤️🥰 (Got this cute t shirt from @fnmbrand )” shared Tanasha.

Stolen Lyrics

Ms Donna’s Manager Jamal Gaddafi also shared the same video, saying that the original idea will always last longer than a copy pasted one.

“Siku zote kitu ORIGINAL kina stand out kuliko COPY. Yo te quero tante, for your love Asante @khaligraph_jones 🔥@fnmbrand DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR US LINK ON MY BIO @afrimma wrote Jamal.

Listening to the two songs #Rider and #Cheche its evident that there is a striking similarity in their intro, as they have both used almost the same Spanish words.

The Lyrics in Question

“Yo te quiero tanteee , for your love asante” sings Tanasha in her song rider. On the other hand, Zuchu sings; “Te amo Te amo, Le te quiero, te quiero, Yaliyomo yamo. Hujazoa penzi kwa beru”.

The phrase “te quiero” that means “I love you or I want you” in Spanish seems to be the center of all the accusations in the two songs.

However, another thing that is similar in the two song is the tempo, only that one has a slow tempo (Rider) yet the other one was given a high tempo (Cheche). This can be argued on the basis that both Rider and Cheche were produced by Lizer Classic of WCB wasafi who might have used the same template.

Away from the lyrics, Diamond and Zuchu are also on the spot as some of the scenes in their Cheche video were borrowed from Beyonce’s Naughty Girl.


t_wegesa “So WCB decided to Copy you????🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😢😢🤣🤣🤣🤣”

milkahchocolate “Kama umeelewa hii post vzr gonga like mara moja. Kumbe Tanasha ni role modo wa Zuchu?? Hadi lyrics za kifrench kaiba 🤣”

jacquelyneagitsa “So Zucchu is being forced to become Tanasha by force by fire....stealing lyrics 😂😂😂😂?”

lilojhonson ‘They've copied this song😂😂Zuchu's intro😂😂”

nash.carol.75 “Zuchu aliiba hapa mistari walahi 😂😂tusipingane plz ila mbona anamuiga T sana”

winnie_k_sly “You inspire many, even with your lyrics. Umeibiwa😂😂😂”

wemasapetu2020 “Kamata mwizi meeeniiii🤣 Baba mtoto na mwanafunzi wake wamepatikana badeqqqq😂😂😂😂😂😂”

castgyaknan “Kuna watu wameiba hio verse Tanasha😂😂😂

godfreymrosotz “Kumbe Zuchu amekopi zile tehamo tehamo zake haaa😂Kumekuchaaaaa”

rachelseyian ‘WCB wanamuibia Ngoma shameeeeeeeeee..... Tanasha🔥girl people are copying from you see there life”

haelytechMwamba baba mtoto wako ameku copy hadi wewe kweli kaishiwa idea😂😂😂😂”

estherrwezaura ‘Wow! This pettiness has reached to its boiling point. You mean to tell me that Tanasha is the only one who can use this one word!? Mbona maneno mengi tu huwa yanatumiwa kwenye nyimbo tofauti na wanamuziki mbalimbali with no issues. There's no relationship between Zuchu song and Tanasha apart from one word. This pettiness actually makes Tanasha look desperate to get attention from Diamond for her upcoming song! Hebu tuacheni tufurahi na cheche💃🙌”

Cheche Video

Rider by Tanasha


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