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Diamond confronts man shooting his shot at Zuchu & exposes his messages

Diamond opted to expose the man who has been unrelenting in his quest to snatch Zuchu and shared some of his messages

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has locked horns with a man who has been attempting to win over Zuchu, exposing the messages shared by the man to the Sukari singer.

The love-struck man messaged Zuchu directly, making his intentions clear, only to be exposed by the singer.

Diamond also shared screenshots of the messages that the man in question has been sending to Zuchu, noting that the Sukari hitmaker promptly brought the matter to his attention.

“Give me a call when you’re up..” reads one of the messages sent to Zuchu.


The unrelenting man insisted on meeting Zuchu, and was willing to pay the price which he boldly asked.

Nashida ya kuonana na wewe leo for 10min, utaniambia kama kuna gharama zozote za kukuona,” he pressed on in yet another message to Zuchu.

All his messages did not receive a response from the singer who resorted to alerting Diamond that their love was under siege, prompting him to respond.


Mwenye hii namba, nikujuze tu kuwa mwanamke wangu @officialzuchu amenifikishia habari zako!” Diamond wrote, accompanying his post with a screenshot of the messages sent to Zuchu.

Zuchu's cryptic post fiercely defending her territory

Both Zuchu and Diamond are known to fiercely defend their territories when under threat from uninvited persons.

Last month, Zuchu decried a “fly” that had invaded her territory, flying right across her face, a cryptic warning that was taken to be directed to a certain a person rather than a fly.

Kuna nzi kaingia chumbani kwangu yani kashakua too comfortable mpaka anaruka ruka mbele ya uso wangu ama zake ama zangu nikimkamata atahadithia nzi wenzake spendi nzi,” Zuchu wrote in a post on SnapChat.


At the time, Tanasha Donna had pitched camp in Tanzania where she had gone to enrol her son Naseeb Junior at a prestigious school ion the company of the Bongo star and was making headlines.

Diamond my only bodycount - Zuchu declares

Zuchu recently opened up on her love life, revealing that Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz is the only man who has made it to the list.

The duo of Diamond and Zuchu was approached by a Wasafi presenter at their hotel during the Wasafi festival with hard questions for them to respond to.


Asked about her body count, in the presence of the WCB boss, Zuchu responded by planting a kiss on Diamond and stating that he is the only one.

"Mpaka sasa ni wanawake/wanaume wangapi umeshawai kulala nao kimapenzi” read the question which loosely translates to How many men/women have you been involved with romantically to date?

"Mmoja tu (only one)," Zuchu responded before hugging Diamond and planting several kisses on his face and lips.

"Pekeake, pekeake (only one)," Zuchu insisted.


The pair made their relationship public after dating in secret for a while.


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