DNG claps back after being attacked over Ezekiel Mutua

I don't believe in his fake approach - DNG

DNG claps back after being attacked over Ezekiel Mutua

Kenya’s number one hype-master Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG has clapped back after a fan said that he is obsessed with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

A fan going by the name Mwalimu Stefano then accused DNG of being obsessed with the moral cop (Mutua), because he is only fighting for good morals.

You guys must be obsessed with @dr.ezekielmutua cos he is fighting for morality. Mti wenye matunda kamwe haukosi kupigwa mawe,” wrote Stefano in a post shared by the hype-master.

In his response, DNG said that the fan should have a used a word that showed his strong disapproval of Mutua’s take and approach on morality.

He went on to say that Kenya lost its morals a long time ago and he (Ezekiel Mutua) should have started by changing his peers, because his generation is the most affected by immorality.

The hype-master cum radio host made it clear that he is one of the many people who don’t believe in Mutua’s approach of attacking a generation he will never understand.

“@mwalimu_stefano Obsession does not seem like the correct adjective. Possibly try disgust? I am a non-believer of his fake approach towards so called morality that Kenya lost ages ago, not just today, because everyone wants to sing Wamlambez. His generation is the most rotten of the crop. Perhaps if he was sincere he should have started with his peers instead of attacking a generation he will never understand. Tutaimba na tutaskiza Wamlambez bila kuogopa baba,” said Ezekiel Mutua.

This is not the first time the hype-master has publicly disagreed with the KFCB CEO’s sentiments towards bringing sanity in the entertainment industry.


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