Popular radio Citizen Presenter Francis Luchivya has called it quits from the Royal Media Services (RMS) owned radio station.

Luchivya who has been hosting radio Citizen Breakfast show Jambo Kenya alongside comedians Mwala and Wilbroda made the announcement on Saturday, when he stepped in for Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka’s Roga Roga show.

Francis Luchivya joined radio Citizen’s Jambo Kenya in 2010 following the departure of Vincent Ateya, who had captained the show for seven years.

Ateya recently made a return to the RMS as the Head of Luhya radio stations after working for Milele FM, then owned by current Taita-Taveta Governor Granton Samboja before he left for Qwetu FM in 2016.

While at Qwetu FM, Ateya who has good mastery of the Swahili language was the programmes manager as well as the breakfast show presenter in the station that is said to be struggling financially.

It is however not clear where Luchivya is headed.

Meanwhile Ateya will be taking over the Michezo na Burudani show which airs on Saturday from 4pm to 8pm on radio Citizen.