Furious Tanasha Donna blasts fans who gatecrashed her party and shared videos with bloggers (Video)

I will find you Coward - Tanasha

Furious Tanasha Donna blasts fans who gatecrashed her party and shared videos with bloggers

Kenyan singer and ex-NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna Oketch has called out fans who gatecrashed her birthday party, just to take videos and share with bloggers.

In a video seen by Pulse Live, the mother of one explained that she threw a small party for her friends and family as she marked her 25th birthday, when the fans showed up uninvited.

And while they hugged her and pretended to wish her a happy birthday, they also took pictures and videos which they shared with bloggers, claiming that not many people attended the birthday party.

Fed up Tanasha Donna wondered where this world is headed to, as she mentioned that she knows the person that took the videos and shared with bloggers.

I threw something very intimate between friends and family just having Nyama and drinks I really wasn’t trying to go all in because I knew today I have another party that’s being thrown for me and I’m about to hit there right now. Anyway, long story short, some uninvited fools decide to show up, I’ve never met them in my life pretending they wanna take pictures with me and wishing me happy birthday but what are they doing behind my back? They are trying to film me having a good tie on my birthday with my people. Kwa sababu wanapenda udaku sana and then they send to bloggers. Where is this world going?” posed Tanasha.

In another post, the Sawa hit maker said that it will be good for people to learn how to mind their own business and respect other people’s affairs.

She added that she only shows what she can maintain on social media.

Moral of the story is, Mind Your Own Business. Pinnochio poking their nose in everyone’s business… and for the record…. Everything I show, I CAN MAINTAIN! Whatever I can’t, I won’t show. You don’t show up to people’s private get togethers, expecting a lavish bday party UNINVITED, to stalk people and film them having a good time on THEIR DAY! Shame on you woman! I will find you & tag you COWARD!!” said Tanasha Donna.



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