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Classmates: How Brian Chira took school by storm in Form 1 & legacy he left

Brian Chira's contribution drove the school to achieve national-level recognition for several consecutive years—an achievement that had eluded the school for eight years.

Brian Chira during a past radio interview

In the wake of the tragic loss of Brian Chira, former schoolmates have stepped forward to share insights into the early years of the late content creator.

Brian Mutiga, who attended Nkubu High School alongside Brian Chira, reminisced about his undeniable talent and early promise in drama and performing arts.

According to Mutiga, Chira caught the attention of the drama teacher from his very first day at Nkubu High School.


"Brian Chira was two classes behind me at Nkubu High School. Man was so talented that the drama teacher noticed him the first day he was being admitted in Form One," he said.

Despite being a Form One student, Chira quickly made his mark by securing a lead role in 'Cursed at Birth' the school's play for the National Drama Festivals within two months of his admission.

His contribution was pivotal, driving the team to achieve national-level recognition for the next two consecutive years—a feat that had eluded the school for eight years.

Another former schoolmate, Pato said, "We were disappointed that we didn't make it to nationals but you promised that the coming year, we must go to nationals. True to your words, we made it with the play 'Downfall of Carmelot'. Again we couldn't go to nationals coz of a strike in 2016.


"You again promised that in 2017, the national stage must witness your great acting skills. We made it to nationals held in Kisumu, with the play 'The Last Exodus'. Boy, you made the entire Eastern Region adore you with your acting skills."

It was this drama talent that set the stage for Chira's later life as a social media sensation.

His schoolmates were not surprised when Chira later emerged as a trending personalty online, as his drama talent had always been evident to those who knew him during his formative years.

His ability to captivate an audience, whether in a school auditorium or across social media platforms, speaks volumes of the impact he had on those around him.


Brian Chira went on to becoming a TikTok sensation loved and criticised in equal measure.


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