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I got married & pregnant in 2023, no 2024 song - Justina Syokau now claims

The singer appeared in an interview in which she was seen spitting saliva the entire time claiming that she was expectant and married

Justina Syokau

Musician Justina Syokau has opted to break away from her tradition of releasing songs at the start of every year, something that she has consistently done over the last few years with songs in 2023 and 2022.

Explaining her decision not to release a song to usher in 2024, the singer noted that a section of her fans are responsible for the decision after bullying her.

In an interview with a local YouTuber, the singer clarified that she will not be releasing a song to usher in 2024 after a section of her fans claimed that her songs have a way of ruining the year for them.

The singer who recently took to the streets in search of a husband, a move that was dismissed by a section of her fans as chasing clout maintained that people should not blame her for their woes.


"Kuna watu wanacomplain nisiimbie 2024 ati nisiprovoke mwaka. Nataka kuambia wakenya ya kwamba sitawaimbia, mimi sitawarogea mwaka na sirogangi, heh watu wananiwekelea mashida zao na nataka kuwaambia ya kwamba mimi siimbi 2024 song." She stated.

The singer also claimed that 2023 has been a good year as she has gotten a husband and is focusing on her marriage.

She also claimed that she is expectant and kept spitting saliva throughout the interview.


"Jameni mimi si mwenye nimekuletea mashida zenye uko nazo, I participate zeri mahali umefail this year. Kama hukupanuliwa mipaka ni wewe, yani kama mwaka wako haukuzaa matunda ni wewe. Mimi nimebarikiwa, nimepata bwana 2023," she added.

Speculation of chasing clout

The claims of pregnancy and being married were met with speculation from a section of netizens who accused the singer of clout chasing.

Others speculated that the announcement that she will not be releasing any song was simply part of her gimmicks before releasing a song as has become popular with singers.

The singer recently caused a stir after taking to the streets with her quest of a man listing her desired qualities.


It turned out to be a promotion as she released her latest song, 'Wako Wapi' shortly afterwards.

In 'Wako Wapi,' Justina shares her quest to find a life partner and emphasizes her desire for those who doubted her ability to get married to witness her grand wedding celebration.

In the song, she invites everyone to witness her joy as she introduces her handsome groom to the world.


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