Jalang’o confirms taking over Andrew Kibe’s job at Kiss 100

Jalang'o hosted Kibe on his show

Jalang’o confirms taking over Andrew Kibe’s job at Kiss 100

Comedian Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has confirmed that he is indeed taking over the position left vacant by Andrew Kibe at Kiss 100, and will co-host the Kiss Breakfast alongside radio queen Kamene Goro.

In a conversation with Kibe on Jalang’o TV, the comedian confirmed he had been given an offer from Kibe’s former employer Radio Africa.

He also affirmed that he did not know that Andrew Kibe was leaving, adding that he is beginning work on Monday next week.

Yes I’m taking over your job. This job is mine and you are handing it over to me and I didn’t know that you are leaving, and I didn’t fire you. You left yourself and I have been given an offer to take over your spot…. Guys Monday next week, Kamene and Jalas,” said Jalang’o.

Responding to his remarks, Andrew Kibe said he would be stupid not to take the offer. “And you’ll be stupid if you don’t take it.

Quits Kiss 100

Speaking on his departure from Kiss 100, Andrew Kibe said that as soon as Covid-19 hit, he had a misunderstanding with his boss at Radio Africa.

This is what happened, just when Covid hit mimi na mdosi wangu tukakosana na unajua mdosi wangu ni nani. Huyu msee aliniangalia na madharau,” stated Kibe.

He also mentioned that he gave a three months’ notice which elapsed on June 30, 2020 because the job did not make any sense to him anymore.

I had to give a three month notice and say by the time June 30 comes, that’s my last day. I gave the notice while you were still working at Milele. Ulikuwa pale kwa hashtag kila asubuhi tuko na wewe Alex and Jalas, Kibe and Kamene mimi nikaenda nikasema I don’t want this job anymore it doesn’t make any sense to me,” explained Andrew Kibe.

He added that no one knew he was leaving, including his co-host and longtime friend Kamene Goro who got to know of the development a few days to his final day.

You didn’t know. I didn’t tell anybody anything. I didn’t reveal even to Kamene amekam kujua juzi tu, she is devastated but she knew just the other day,” added Kibe.


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