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Jalang’o narrates Alex Mwakideu’s reaction after telling him he would no longer be working at Milele FM

He didn’t know I was not coming to work-Jalas

Jalang'o and Mwakideu (Instagram)

Comedian and ex-Milele FM presenter Jalang’o has opened up on events that led to him leaving Milele FM, and his co-host Alex Mwakideu's reaction to the news that he had left.

Speaking on #BongaNaJalas Jalang'o said that Mwakideu who is also his best friend did not know he was not coming to work after he had failed to come to an agreement on various issues with the Milele FM management.

According to him, he tried to reach Mwakideu the night before, but he had slept and when he called in the morning, he couldn’t believe the news that Jalang’o had been affected by the redundancy.


Alex Mwakideu, my friend and my brother did not know that I was not going to come to work. When we did not agree on a lot of things and my HR told me we seem to have hit a rock, you will not come to work tomorrow. I tried calling Mwakideu he had already slept. He wakes up in the morning thinking that I will be going to work, at six he calls and says bro you’re late where are you? I told him I’m not coming, I’ve been fired. Mwakideu sank low and told me bro you are lying and told him it’s the truth, the redundancy affected me and I will not be coming to work. Mwakideu told me that it was the longest 4 hours of his life because he had to do the show alone,” narrated Jalang’o.

Heavy J Baba said that after the show, Mwakideu called again and tried convincing him to sign the new deal he had been given, but he refused.

In the video, Jalang’o explained that they had already taken a 50 percent pay cut after the company requested all Mediamax Limited employees to do the same.


When the second redundancy letters came, Jalang’o said he received his letter but the management said they still needed to work with him, prompting negotiations where the management wanted him to take another pay cut, to continue working at Milele FM.


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