Kenyans lecture singer Vivian over claims that Azziad Nasenya refused to promote her song for free

Kenyans react to the claims

Stivo Simple  Boy with Vivian

Singer Vivian has landed in trouble with a section of Kenyans, who have offered to lecture her over claims that TikTok star Azziad Nasenya refused to promote her song with Stivo Simple Boy for free.

On Thursday, a video of Vivian talking to KTN’s Jamal Gaddafi surfaced online where she said, “Kuna influencer sahi at the moment anavuma sana pale tik tok na tulimuongelesha tukamuuliza kama anaweza share song yangu an Stivo akasema tumlipe.”

The statement attracted backlash from Kenyans on Twitter who argued that the singer should respect other people’s hustles.

Many who reacted to her claims argued that Azziad Nasenya (who was quickly linked to the description) has created a niche for herself as an influencer and therefore she deserves to be paid to share the song.

This is not the first time Azziad’s influence in making Kenyans songs go viral is being discussed. In May, Femi One and Mejja’s song Utawezana clocked 5 million views on YouTube within 4 weeks and Kenyans On Twitter could not agree on who deserves the credit in mobilizing all the numbers.

A section felt that Utawezana hit-makers (Femi and Mejja) should have paid Azziad or even appreciated her for introducing many people to their song. Others argued its actually the Utawezana song that made Azziad a star, as the song was already doing very well on different streaming platforms.

Vivian x Stivo Simple Boy


MonroseMurugi “The entitlement some celeb "gatekeepers" have is astounding. Vivian expected Azziad to promote her song with Stivo Simple Boy for FREE. Producer, cameramen & director were paid lakini marketing & dancing ikuwe free? Why? It's #Azziad's job”.

Ongaiboi “I have been a fan of Vivian and I don't watch her videos for free, bundles and phone/TV need money. So why not pay Azziad. Acheni vijana waomokeeeee!!!!!! Vijanaaa tuomokeeee nasema vijaaaanaaa tuomokeeee”.

𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐧 “What the fuck is wrong with Kenyans and respecting other people's hustle, you want people to create content and promote you for free? This attitude is the exact reason Vivian is still an upcoming artist”.

Mora “Azziad has long established that she is doing her thing for money, and she is good at it. Sielewi mbona Vivian anapata shida to accept her hustle. Support ni two way, I publicize you pay”

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