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List of Musicians and Managers who have ditched WCB Wasafi

The WCB Exodus

Diamond, Kifesi, Sandara Brown, Rich Mavoko, and Mwarabu..List of Musicians and Managers who have ditched WCB Wasafi

WCB Wasafi is arguably one of the biggest records labels in Africa. The label was founded by Diamond Platnumz who is a renowned artiste across the African continent with his roots extended to the international market.

Over the years he has managed to groom other stars who are currently doing very well in the music industry among them; Harmonize, Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Queen Darleen and Mbosso and Zuchu.

Diamond’s Wasafi Media (Wasafi Fm and TV) has also employed a good number of youth; as Radio and TV Presenters, Producers, Content creators, Directors, Managers and other posts.



Wasafi has been causing ripples in the music industry with their name being on the lips of all lovers of bongo music. Their success can be attributed to a number of factors among them, good management, own record label, concerts, ambassadorial roles among other deals.

Despite the flowery image that WCB Wasafi has managed to sell to its audience, a number of fall-outs have been witnessed at the record label and today we shine our spotlight on celebrities who have ditched the label to be on their own.

Rich Mavoko


Singer Richard Martin aka Rich Mavoko parted ways with the Diamond owned record label in July 2018 year, starting his own label dubbed “Billionaire Kid”. He had joined WCB Wasafi in June 2016.

He mentioned that he decided to exit the label upon realizing they were doing so little to elevate his career yet he had recorded a lot of songs meant to be released.


In April 2018, Chibu Dangote’s official photographer Kifesi announced his exit from WCB Wasafi, on grounds that he was going to start his own venture.


“Today being a holy day and a day of worship for me, it’s a day that I have decided to make a decision that will change my life. I have decided to stop working as Diamond’s photographer and an employee of WCB. I’m leaving a job that is a dream to many young people out there but I see it that my 4/5 years of working here is enough for me to leave a chance for other young people and I have decided to follow my heart.” he said.

Kifesi is one of the most sought-after photographers ad now he runs the “Kifesi Company Limited” that deals with Photography, Film and Video shoots.

Mr Puaz

Joel Vincent Joseph aka Mr. Puaz resigned as Harmonize official manager back in January 2019. He told, that he was no longer working with the Kwangwaru hit maker following some work related misunderstandings.


Currently, Konde Boy is being managed by a lady identified as Mjerumani 255 (Instagram name). She started working with Harmonize in March 2019.

Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown was the first female manager under WCB Wasafi, managing Mbosso Khan, but in July she walked out of the label.

Mbosso pointed out that his WCB management felt that he needed change in his team and that’s why his manager was replaced.


Q Boy Msafi

Singer cum stylist Q Boy Msafi was among the first people to part ways with WCB Wasafi. Before exiting the label, Q Boy was the one responsible for all the outfits Diamond used to wear. In short he was the trusted stylist that Platnumz relied on.

It was reported that Q Boy was chased away from WCB over indiscipline cases and lack of respect.


Zamaradi Mketema

During the launch of Wasafi TV, media Personality Zamaradi Mketema was among the people who were handed the mandate to propel the station to new levels.

Mketema who had previously worked with Clouds FM, explained that she switched stations in order to challenge herself and experience something new.

However, along the way Zamaradi drifted away from Wasafi media to start her own TV channel “Zamaradi TV”. She is also the founder of Juhjuh's house of kids, Watoto festival and Wonder Women.


Mwarabu Fighter

Diamond’s official Bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter ditched WCB Wasafi mid-2018 and months later he started his own security company.

Since then Mwarabu has been working as a freelance bodyguard.



Just the other day, Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize made changes to his profile an indication that he might be leaving the Diamond Platnumz owned label WCB.

Harmonize edited out the tag that used to read “Signed Under WCB Wasafi” from all his social media pages.

However, on July 31, 2019 he had refuted claims of leaving WCB, but his recent act seems to confirm otherwise.


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