Mama yako ni girlfriend yangu – Pastor Ng’ang’a responds to King Kaka after #WanjingaNyinyi song

Wewe ni Mjinga sana

Mama yako ni girlfriend yangu – Pastor Ng’ang’a responds to King Kaka after #WanjingaNyinyi song

Controversial preacher Apostle James Ng’ang’a has responded to rapper King Kaka, after he mentioned him in his song #WajingaNyinyi.

In a video that has since gone viral, the Neno Evangelism preacher said King Kaka is foolish and he should look for his age mates to play with.

He went on to ask the Kaka Empire boss to look for touts to talk with, because he (Ng’ang’a) is a commander, as he kept on referring to him as Kang Kaka instead of King Kaka.

Ng’ang’a added that they live in two different worlds, further stating that the rapper’s mother is his girlfriend. He also reiterated that the message should get to King Kaka.

Hata kuna mwingine huyu amesema afadhali Ng’ang’a anadanganya watu. Sijui shetani gani anaitwa Kang Kaka. Kang Kaka wewe ni mjinga tafuta rika yako mkangkake nao. Tafuta wale watu wanatembea na matatu. Kang Kaka tafuta watu wa matatu, manamba ya matatu muongee nao this is a commander. Wewe unaongea na nani nikama jua na mwezi. Mwezi ni ya usiku, jua inatawala mchana, Halellujah wakati watu ni wengi. Kang Kaka wee pepo wa wapi wewe hujui mama yako. Kang Kaka mama yako ni my girlfriend. Kang Kaka mama yako ni my girlfriend. King Kaka mama yako ni my girlfriend, wherever you are. Tell King Kaka your mother is my girlfriend,” said the preacher.

Wanjinga Nyinyi

Apostle Ng’ang’a’s words come days after King Kaka in his latest song Wajinga Nyinyi that aroused mixed reactions mentioned the preacher, stating that he was better than Kenyan politicians who steal from unsuspecting citizens.

At least Pastor Ng’ang’a anawashinda anadanganyanga watu hadharani,” mentioned King Kaka.

Drawing inspiration from the state of affairs in Kenya, King Kaka tackles corruption, unemployment, inflation and tribalism and corruption scandals witnessed in the country in a rare display of pure talent at its best.

He goes on to urge voters to make sober decisions at the ballot and break away from the traps of tribalism instead of electing selfish leaders.


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