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Isiolo filmmaker bags 2 awards in U.S. Competition

The competition drew participants with diverse talents across various categories, such as feature film, short film, audio storytelling, games, and more.

Moses Thuranira at the Tribeka Film Festival

In a momentous achievement for the town of Isiolo, filmmaker and producer Moses Thuranira has made waves on the global stage by winning prestigious awards at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, USA.

Thuranira's compelling documentary, 'Between the Rains,' delves into the critical issue of climate change and its profound impact on local communities.

'Between the Rains' is a documentary that sheds light on the pressing issue of climate change and its profound effects on communities in Isiolo. Thuranira's dedication to capturing the essence of this topic resonated deeply with the Tribeca Film Festivals, leading to the film's recognition and subsequent accolades.


In recognition of the awards, the 29-year-old emphasized that this victory was significant not only for the hardworking team but also for the Isiolo community.

"Am really humbled to announce that our Film Between The Rains has scooped two Awards at Tribeca in the category of Best Feature Documentary and Best Cinematography.

"This is a huge win not only to the Team that worked tirelessly but also to Isiolo community," Moses Thuranira said.

Thuranira's triumph at Tribeca is not merely his alone, but a reflection of the collective effort poured into the documentary. He acknowledges the tireless work of his team, whose dedication and creativity played a pivotal role in the film's success.

Additionally, Thuranira recognizes the significance of this achievement for the Isiolo community.


By shedding light on climate change and its impact, 'Between the Rains' raises awareness and sparks conversations that can potentially bring about positive change.

Over the course of four consecutive years, the film was meticulously shot, capturing the essence of a region profoundly affected by the relentless drought that swept across the country.


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