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Mr Seed explains the deep meaning of his tattoo & traumatic experience

Mr Seed lifted the lid on his near-death experience that changed his life forever

Gospel singer Mr Seed

Celebrated Kenyan Gospel singer Mr Seed has lifted the lid on the meaning of a tattoo he recently engraved on his skin and the traumatic experience that inspired him.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the singer revealed that he decided to engrave his near-death experience on his body with the tattoo.

Mr Seed noted that the immense pain he endured during the accident was the inspiration behind having the date of the traumatic experience permanently inked both in his memory as well as on his body.

"Iyo siku nilikua naskia uchungu like I had never felt before, and I needed to feel a different pain, not like the pain that I was feeling in my pelvis. So I called the tattoo guy," Mr. Seed shared.


The singer survived a grisly road accident on April 29, 2023 while heading to Nanyuki with some of his family members not so lucky.

"I was sleeping, and when I opened my eyes, is when I saw that the cars had collided. Our car rolled, and I felt unconscious. I woke up like 20 minutes later only to find that our car was upside down," the singer recounted the events of the day.

"In my mind, something told me to get out of the car as fast as possible before it exploded. I struggled my way out while crawling on top of broken glasses through the back windscreen," he added.


A good Samaritan ferried him to hospital for treatment where he was found to have broken his pelvis with doctors advising him to have extended period of bed rest and fearing that he may never walk again.


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