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Boutross: How Angela hit song was made by mistake

Boutross says Angela was made within one hour in the studio


Singer Boutross has revealed that his hit song 'Angela' was a mistake, and he wasn't even sure if his fans would like it.

According to the rapper, he was in a studio session when one of his friends arrived late. They decided to work on something together, and that's how 'Angela' came to be.

"Honestly ilikua ngoma ya mistake because tuliifanya ju tulikua na an extra hour kwa studio. So hata sikua nadhani itakua the song. It wasn't even supposed to be this song. But venye ilikuja and then the kind of feedback, accolade na njia zenye imenifungulia, I think nilinyamaza na nikajiambia banger hujuangi mahali inatoka.


"[Honestly the song came out as a mistake simply because we had an extra hour in the studio. I didn't know it would be that hit song since it was not supposed to be this song in the first place. Luckily the song has opened many ways for me and I just kept quiet and told myself you never know when you have recorded a hit song]," said Boutross to Eve Mungai.

Eve wanted more clarity about how the song came about, and that's when Boutross revealed that they had actually created the song under unusual circumstances in just one hour.

"We had a studio session with a young man called Kivumbi and he was late by one hour. I was in the studio with some of my crew and we decided to do something else as we wait for him and that is how Angela came to be. Just that one hour and the song was out," Boutross explained.


Boutross went on to say that TikTok is currently being used as a marketing platform for songs and that the app played a significant role in helping 'Angela' gain popularity, particularly when people started recording dance challenges for the song.

Boutross revealed that while his other songs had opened up opportunities for him, 'Angela' had surpassed them all. Since the song went viral, he has landed many new opportunities.

The original 'Angela' song has received 4 million views, while the remix featuring Jamaican artist Konshens, which was released on March 24, has already garnered 170K views on YouTube.


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