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H_Art The Band founder member joins Sol Generation Publishing in lucrative deal

H_Art The Band comprises Mordecai Mwini, Wachira Gatama and Kenneth Muya

H_Art The Band members during a past photo shoot

Sol Generation Publishing, an arm of the acclaimed Sauti Sol Group, has officially announced the signing of Mordecai "Dex" Mwini, the talented singer-songwriter and founding member of H_Art The Band.

Mordecai's journey in the music scene has been marked by passion, versatility, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

From his roots as a poet, painter, and skilled guitarist, Mordecai's evolution into a sought-after music producer and performer has been nothing short of remarkable.

With a knack for drawing inspiration from diverse genres while staying true to his rich cultural heritage, he has carved out a unique sound that resonates across borders.


His extensive portfolio and unwavering dedication to his craft have not only earned him accolades but also positioned him as a guiding force in the music landscape.

Mordecai's influence extends far beyond the stage. As a songwriting coach at Sauti Academy and a performance coach at Safaricom Twaweza Live and Tusker NEXTERS, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of budding Kenyan talents, including the likes of Nyashinski, Naiboi, and Bensoul.


Moreover, Mordecai's collaborative spirit and songwriting prowess have seen him work with established artists, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and sought-after creative force in the industry.

Most recently, he lent his expertise as a performance coach for the Press Play Artist Development Program by Sol Generation.

Through his soulful melodies and profound appreciation for culture, Mordecai aspires to inspire and unite people through the universal language of music and art.

His addition to the Sol Generation Publishing roster is not only a testament to his talent but also a testament to Sol Generation's commitment to nurturing and promoting exceptional Kenyan talent on a global scale.


As the newest member of the Sol Generation family, Mordecai is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter in his musical journey, one that promises to elevate the Kenyan music scene to even greater heights.

A publishing deal, in the context of the music industry, is a contractual agreement between a songwriter or composer and a music publishing company.

This agreement typically involves the songwriter granting certain rights to the publisher in exchange for various services and benefits.


Here's a breakdown of what a publishing deal typically entails:

  1. Rights Transfer: The songwriter transfers certain rights to their compositions to the music publishing company. These rights usually include the right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and license the songs.
  2. Royalty Collection: The publishing company collects royalties on behalf of the songwriter. This includes royalties generated from the public performance of the songs, mechanical royalties (earned from the reproduction and distribution of recordings), synchronization royalties (earned from the use of songs in TV, film, commercials, etc.), and other sources.
  3. Promotion and Marketing: The publishing company may provide promotional and marketing support to help promote the songwriter's compositions. This could include pitching the songs to artists, producers, and other industry professionals, as well as securing placements in various media outlets.
  4. Creative Support: Some publishing deals also include creative support, where the publishing company helps the songwriter develop their craft, connect with collaborators, and refine their compositions.
  5. Advances: In some cases, the publishing company may provide an advance payment to the songwriter upfront. This advance is typically recouped from future royalties earned by the songwriter's compositions.
  6. Ownership: While the publishing company may have certain rights to exploit the songwriter's compositions, the ownership of the songs typically remains with the songwriter. However, the publishing company may have exclusive rights to administer and exploit the songs for a specified period, often several years.

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