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Maina Kageni's offer to Kenyans who want to replace him upon retirement this year

Maina Kageni confirmed that he will be retiring this year and the offer stands for anyone who wants to replace him at Classic 105 when he exits

Maina Kageni

Ahead of his anticipated exit from the media this year, renowned media personality has extended an offer to anyone willing to replace him at Classic 105FM when he finally hangs his boots.

Maina confirmed that as revealed earlier, he intends to retire this year and is available to mentor anyone keen on filling his shoes at Classic FM.

Having ruled the airwaves for more than a decade alongside Mwalimu King’ang’i, Maina’s anticipated exit

"I will be retiring this year." The King of Radio shared with his co-host, Mwalimu King’ang’i before adding that he is available to mentor his successor.


"If you want mentorship come am always here.” He added.

The celebrated Media personality first announced his plans to retire from radio in order to focus on running his private business in 2021.

"Come next year I am done. I will be retiring from this radio job; I plan on running a club in Miami..." Maina said on Classic 105 during his morning show, revealing his plans to move to Miami, United States of America and probably establish a night club there.

"I will be living in my condor. I bought it kitambo. I thought we talked about this and both of us after retiring?" He asked his co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i.


The pair, behind the popular Maina and King’ang’i show has ruled the airwaves for more than a decade, rising to become some of Kenya’s most-sought-after talent in the media.

Maina Kageni is among the highest-paid media personalities in Kenya, going by his own admission back in 2022 in which he confirmed that his salary at the time was over Sh2 million.

Making millions in the media

In a candid conversation with Kamene Goro, Maina Kageni confirmed that he earns over Sh2 million from his job at Classic 105 FM.


"How much do you get paid, like your take home from here just being on radio?" Kamene questioned.

How much do I get paid? From Radio Africa? About two point something million,” he answered.

Maina’s humble beginnings in the media dates back to his stint at Capital FM when he landed a job at the station in what he described as an accident.


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