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Huddah Monroe makes U-turn on boycotting sex for one year

Anafungua duka!

Socialite Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe has made an unexpected U-turn on her decision to boycott sex for one year, in support of the #FungaDuka campaign.

In a series of posts she shared on Instagram stories, the socialite said she has been having trouble sleeping since she started to ‘Funga Duka’ and it needs a quick solution.

She went on to say that the solution would be to for partners to be safe before they start engaging in sex.


The Huddah Cosmetics boss then said that her decision to abandon the boycott was because there has been too much temptation around her and she has decide to be safe. She added that she will fungua her duka next week.

Kutoka nifunge duka usiku ni wet dreams tuu… hii Funga Duka needs a solution! Solution ni watu wakuwe safe! You and your man check yourself before you get down to business! Just to make sure mko poa kabla akugee or umgee moja ya power. Temptaions ni mingi huku nje1 Lool! Maboyz wanakaa fiti… unajipata unaskia kudishi kila msee. So juu kujicontrol inaweza kuwa noma… itabidi tukuwe tuu responsible! Just make sure unajicheck! Ama unajiprotect… Na life goes on. Meanwhile, Hii duka inakaa nitaifungua next week!wrote Huddah Monroe in her posts.

Funga Duka

This comes a few days after Huddah disclosed that she got spurred into action by a DM about a lady named Carol whose boyfriend Michael cheated on her.


The ‘Funga Duka’ sex boycott went viral under the #Fungaduka after Carol revealed that she had closed her legs until Michael her cheating boyfriend got tested.

She learnt of Michael’s cheating ways after someone called her ‘Dame wa Kichinjio’ (Slaughterhouse) on campus because she had been spotted at her boyfriend’s place which is notorious for sexcapades.


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