Netizens defend Willy Paul after fan 'attacked' him over his 24-inch TV

Jameni hapa ni bedroom- Willy Paul

Willy Paul

On Wednesday, Singer Willy Paul shared a short video jamming to his new song “Kamati ya Roho Chafu" Ft Bien, prompting one of his followers to throw shade at him over his 24-inch TV that was visible in the background.

“The king has decided to entertain you!! Weka manzi yako mbali.. look at the waist Ina de bedroom!! #kamatiyarohochafuwaistchallenge ft @bienaimesol reads the caption of Willy’s video.

The user took to the comment section insinuating that the artiste is always flexing on the gram yet he can’t even afford a bigger TV set.

“24 inch😂😂😂wah. Hawa macelebs kumbe ni shobo tu,” wrote carole.keysha.

Don't explain

The comment managed to earn a reply from Willy who mentioned that the TV set in question is in the Bedroom.

@carole.keysha Shobo umesema? Asante kamami. jameni hapa bedroom hahahaha” reacted Willy Paul.

However, Willy Paul’s army was too quick to swing into action defending the star, with a section advising that he doesn't have to explain himself.

In a quick rejoinder, the user also defended herself saying, she is Willy’s biggest fan;

“Are you willy paul?? Nonsense.. Is he complaining or who died and made you his spokesperson. Fuck you! Am his number one fun wacha ushoga wewe pumbavu hii”

Reactions from Willy Paul's Army

koketch_james @carole.keysha ulikua unataka akue na 100"? Idhi maiaha yako na uwachane na maisha ya wenzako tafadhali”

skymaxpixels "@carole.keysha umetaka akue na ngapi .??Wee una Tv kwa bedroom”

jimmymochama@carole.keysha bora inaeza ona news hiyo aina ubaya...aina maana kujudge ..”

kalumukaren @willy.paul.msafi you don't have to explain tv ata kama ni 2inch ni yako”

lizzymbaiby @carole.keysha hiyo ni ya entertainment ya bedroom Mami...”

wambwambo@willy.paul.msafi you don't need to explain anything willy..achana na awa watu”

sellywaluttah@carole.keysha mwenzako nikafikiria kachocha 24 inches mguu wa tatu kumbe ulimaanisha kwenye ukuta🤣🤣🤣”

janeyjaneymutua @willy.paul.msafi you don't owe anyone an explanation at all”

abdulkarim4493@carole.keysha wewe na unafanyia kila kitu ata panty ni boy friend ana nunua unajua bei ya 24 inch n ngapi 😂😂”

sharidgek @carole.keysha your richness isn't described by the size of your screen manze...thats nyie madem huwa mko confused”


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