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Ethics’s message to Octopizzo after he declined to feature in their Album

We gave Octopizzo the privilege to be on our super dope album- Ethic

Ethic and Octopizzo

Gengetone Group Ethic Entertainment has hit back at Rapper Octopizzo after he declined to feature in their upcoming Album dubbed ‘BIG MAN BADO ODINARE'.

In a tweet, the Figa hit-makers mentioned that they gave the musician a chance to be part of their album but he was reluctant to grab the opportunity something that did not go down well with them.

“We gave @OCTOPIZZO the privilege to be on our super dope album but hakuona vision, truth ni numbers ziko but ange kuja tu na zile mathogothanio zake, video for the song wasnt part of the plan...all in all watch out june 13th album droppin, 'BIG MAN BADO ODINARE' Ni mbwaya ni moto” reads a Tweet from Ethic.


Octo's Reaction

This comes days after Octopizzo threw shade at them, for saying Khaligraph Jones is greater than him in one of their tweets.

“Ahaaa…Ni ju nilikataa kurukia project ama? But si ni life….#Wakiritho TA! TA!” reacted Octopizzo.

Earlier on, Ethic’s manager had reached out to Octopizzo with a request that says “Good Evening Octo, ni Manager wa Ethic hapa, tuna project moto hapa tunataka urukie”.


However, the act of Ethic picking fights with Octopizzo did not please a number of their followers and fans, who opted to lecture them.

The group is expected to drop an Album with 8 songs on June 13th. In the Album they have featured Rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Reactions from KOT


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