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'Rieng Genje’ singer Ngesh’s savage response to 2Mbili after fallout

2Mbili was instrumental in Ngesh’s journey to instant fame and helped her navigate the industry by introducing her to the who is who in Kenyan showbiz, but their fallout is now noisy and messy as they both give their take

‘Rieng Genje’ singer Ngesh Bad Gal

The bitter fallout pitting Gengetone singer Mary Wangeci alias Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze against YouTuber 2Mbili has taken a new twist with the singer giving her response.

2Mbili was instrumental in the singer’s rise to fame after interviewing her at a time when her verse on Rieng Genje went viral.

Things however fell apart, resulting in a war of words with the singer now claiming that she is now smarter, making those who want to take advantage flee.

She added that she is no longer as naïve as she was when the YouTuber found her, leading to the fallout.


"Ukichanuka, ukichanuka wacha tu nkuambie… Hakuna msee anatakanga, wanatakanga tu mafala watu wote lakini ukichanuka tu mtakosana lazima ju hakuna benefit atapata kutoka kwako.

"So 2Mbili achaneni tu na yeye mi tu naskiza hizo mambo tu anaongea na huko sijui 'Ngesh alisign contract na mtu wa garage'. Huyo msee kwanza ni beste ya 2Mbili wacha hivyo venye anamchomea hapo," Ngesh told her fans on Instagram.

2Mbili alleged being betrayed by the singer after helping her as she navigated the entertainment industry and linking her with notable people in the showbiz industry.


Betrayal and work ethic

He blamed their split on a friend who helped them with a luxurious vehicle to take the rapper to a TV interview

"I stopped nikasema let the brand 2Mbili not be associated with the brand ya Ngesh, is because one; when I was taking her for an interview at TV47 nilitaka aingie huku na mbwembwe aingie na TX. Where could II get the TX? Nkareach out to Omar, Omar drives a TX. So Omar went behind me akaongelesha Ngesh, Ngesh haniongeleshi. Kidogo kidogo naona Ngesh amesign contract kwa garage.” 2Mbili narrated.

He also noted that the rapper needs to work on her work ethic as she has frequently turned up late for gigs.

"I was calling her namwambia tupatane mahali tuone vile utasaidika, she was not turning up. Na akiturn up ni very late like that day ya interview she was supposed to come saa kumi atengenezwe, apigwe makeup, avalishwe wig twende interview. Alifika 6:30 that's why you see people are asking ile wig ulipewa jana iko wapi. Ladies you know it will take you three hours kupigwa makeup," 2Mbili said.


Ngesh wowed her fans with her hilarious lyrics, complete with flow and rhyme which displayed her talent with many opining that she is destined for greatness in the entertainment industry.


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