Ruth Matete reveals the reasons behind her suicide attempts

The former TPF winner opened up like never before.

The talented singer through a long Instagram post spoke on the painful and challenging year that she’s had so far and of how hard it has been for her to manage it all.

“I'm sure we all have that one time in our lives when things were so bad we can't compare it with any other time in our lives. I have such a year. And I remember how everything was not working for me. Thought of taking my life to end all the pain and misery... And to some point I actually tried but I wasn't successful because God!” she wrote.

Trying times

The singer revealed how she felt she was of no value to the world and not even encouraging words from well-wishers could dig her out of the rut that she was in.

“You meet someone and they tell you it shall be well someday. God will make a way. I didn't want to hear anything that talked of future. I wanted a solution now now now! I wanted to hear, "God has made a way" "Things are okay".”

“One time I moved out of my house and went to live with my dad because he was scared staying alone was not safe. I kept trying to kill myself to no avail. At some point I even believed that God was punishing me for something I did,” she continued.

Lessons learnt

Despite the struggles that she went through however, there proved to be a light at the end of the tunnel as she overcame them and came out stronger because of it. These are the ten lessons she learnt from that experience.

1. The pain we go through is to prepare us for the future

2. God's timing is the best

3. God knows when you hurt and He has a reason for allowing the pain

4. The day you find out your purpose is the day you start living

5. Forgiveness of sin does not take away the punishment or consequences of the sin (Ask David in the bible)

6. God corrects us cause He loves us

7. When God wipes away your tears, He wipes it all... I mean, every kind of tear at once

8. Only God can heal a wounded heart

9. God forgives. Man does not.

10. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you.

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