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Baba Ni Baba ata Awe Mchawi- Bahati’s bold message to Harmonize

Go Humble and Apologize to Diamond- Bahati tells Harmonize

Harmonize and Bahati  at a past event.

Kenyan singer Kevin Bahati his pleading with his Tanzanian Counterpart Harmonize to go and make peace with his former Boss Diamond Platnumz.

In an open letter seen by Pulse Live, Mtoto wa Mama mentioned that Konde Boy should humble himself and apologize to Platnumz, stating that his mistakes can’t be compared to the kind heart that pushed Chibu to invest in him when he was a nobody in the industry.

“MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot Be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You Who You're Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World! As I Close My preaching I will Tell You... Go Humble, Apologize and Walk away with Your Blessings Bro- Unajua Baba Ni Baba ata Awe Mchawiii... Hivyo Baba anauwezo Wakubariki na Kulahani... If You want to be the #Tembo you Claim to be Stop the Cheap Fight & Make Peace!!! #WIZKID Was Once Signed By #BankyW and Even after the Completion of the Contract he still Recognizes & Respects BankyW as his Musical Dad! Remember KARMA is Real. The Young Artist You've signed Today Might do you to you just the Same Very Soon! Don't get me wrong, Harmonize you're my Friend and I have always come through for you anytime you have Needed my assistance. So Do Something Bro!!!” reads part of the message to Harmonize.


Stop Beefing with Diamond

Bahati went on to advise the Konde Music Worldwide CEO to stop beefing with Diamond and accord him the respect he deserves because he is his musical father.


Guys I was looking at this Photo here With My Brother @Harmonize_tz and got me thinking; asking myself about the Greatest Virtues of Life & True Success- What Stood Out Loudest for me was #LOYALTY & #HUMILITY🙏 In 2020 I Chose to think differently and that's Why Every time I See this Story of Harmonize & Diamond Platnumz it Pisses off Because,1st.. it's So uncalled for. Secondly, We don't forget how we have been helped Just Because we've become Stars, NO! To Harmonize; First Congs for your Record Label & Album but Where I come From we Say "Don't Bite the Hand that Fed you. And if You've happened to Read the Bible in "Ephesians 6:2"


"My Religion teaches me to "HONOR MY FATHER & MOTHER" and in this Case #WASAFI is Your Father & Mother!!! I Know the Current Order of the Day is; Beefing with the Successful to gain a Short Cut to the Top- But I don't Believe in that Bro, We Can Make it to the Top Clean. Bro you don't have to Create a Beef with Diamond Platnumz for you to be at the Top, No, infact you need the Blessings of this Man Ndio pia Usitumie hizi Nguvu Nyiingiii ku Prove a Point. Every One has their Faults and I Believe your Boss is not a Perfect Man; Ata Mimi amenikosea, Aliwachana na Sister Wa Mine but Sahi Niko Kwa Maombi Warudiane🙏” wrote Bahati.

Bahati's bold message


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