Opening my legs is paying my bills- Akothee claps back with tough warning

Madam Boss strikes

Images from Akothee's show in Mombasa

Akothee recently put on a sizzling performance in Mombasa, but what caught the attention of many Kenyans was her outfit choices and the kind of moves she displayed on Stage.

Her acts attracted lots of critics who argued that she was misleading the current generation with arguments that she is a celebrity whom many people look up to.

Following the scrutiny, Madam Boss clapped back with a below the belt comment, stating that when she was broke, nobody ever cared to picture her as a role model.

She added that, the act of opening legs while on stage is part of what pays her bills and therefore parents should just take responsibility of their own children and stop blaming her for things she can’t control.

Akothee statement

“When I was broke I was nobody's role model, now that I am rich and famous , you want to ride on my money and fame, and hang your gorrila on my monkey, shame on you , with stupid verses ,ROLE MODEL MY ARSE take resposibility for your own children, take their phone and unfollow me , I am ratchet , period, what happened to your church pastors , aunties sisters and grandmothers , No one is paying me for ROLE MOCHIETH position & No one pays me For manners #calpolis , opening my legs is paying my bills ,I fucked up my own life and built it my own way , you cant tell me shiiiiiiit Follow me at your own risk, absorb what you want , what you dont want , stop making yourself a fool out of someone's life!, I have actually seen only one dick since 4 years , I believe most of stupid idiots here can't even keep register for whom they slept with in a week, Mr see thigh see pussy, be a role model to your ownself in private , before you point fingers to others , I will open those legs wider, as long as it makes sense to me , you can take your middle finger and direct your opinions just behind your matako there is a hole okey, idiots and losers will say she is proving apoint, point mar ngonymeru?” wrote Akothee.

Poor dressing Code

On Monday, the Oyoyo hit maker had explained that, those with a problem with her dressing code should just get used it.

“My daddy is my number one fan , after my mum resisted for years, she finally joined,I thank God for my supportive parents, my mum. Still have issues with my dress code, but this time round she dint utter a word , maby be she is tired, hataa nyinyi mtachoka tu, sikomi mimi my dad is just living his life , mr dont care as long as music is dancable ,all the way from Rongo” shared Akothee.


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