The difference between Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan's break ups with Diamond Platnumz

Here is what you did not know!

Zari Hassan’s reaction to Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s alleged breakup

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is a man that boasts of among other things; having baby mamas across East Africa. He started with Uganda, then his home country Tanzania and now Kenya.

Many people have been calling on the East African ‘father Abraham’ to settle down something he doesn’t seem to be keen on, despite promising fans that he plans to do it.

Diamond's relationship with Zari Hassan was the longest which lasted about four years with two kids. The came Hamisa Mobetto who i would describe as a fling that resulted to a baby, and Tanasha Donna Oketch was the last one with the relationship lasting slightly above a year.

In some of the above relationships (Zari and Hamisa), things got ugly as Hamisa was part of Zari's reasons for breaking it up with the singer and for some time, Diamond could not even talk to any of them.

Later on, they put aside their differences and decided on a co-parenting plan.

Pulse Live has decided to take you through the things that stood out in the breakups Diamond had with Zari and Tanasha.


Zari Hassan’s breakup with the Tanzanian singer was attributed to multiple cheating allegations from Diamond and on Valentine’s Day of 2018, he was hit with a black rose. Tanasha’s break up on the other hand, had nothing to do with cheating. According to Diamond, there are things that did not work out in the relationship with Kenyan-Belgian beauty, and they agreed to go separate ways.

This time around, fans had to connect the dots because Tanasha only gave the signs by unfollowing the Chibu Dangote family and deleting Diamond’s name from her son’s profile.

Mama Dangote

While Diamond’s mother (Sandrah) is said to have a hand in Ms Donna’s break up with the son, she enjoyed a cordial relationship with Zari Hassan who is said to be her favorite of the son’s baby mamas.

According to reports, for one to survive a relationship with Chibu Dangote, they have to first impress by Mama Dangote.

Trash talking

After Diamond Platnumz broke up with Zari, the two were engaged in a series of bitter exchanges online and in media interviews they engaged in. They both accused one another of cheating while they were together. Zari further accused Diamond of neglecting their children and did nothing to support them. Despite this, the two recently seem to have put aside the differences and are working out on a co-parenting plan.

Tanasha Donna on the other hand, has never accused the baby daddy of neglect and was recently quoted saying that she does not want her son to grow without a father. She has never talked about anything to do with infidelity despite the many rumours about it.

Outside of the break up differences, Diamond has publicly admitted that he was serious about marrying Tanasha Donna but its only things that didn't workout. During Zari's time, the about 4 years of being together and despite living as husband and wife, marriage was not on the table.


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