This is my final journey on Radio – Jalang’o says after joining Kiss 100

Jalang'o started work at Kiss 100 today

This is my final journey on Radio – Jalang’o says after joining Kiss 100

Comedian and radio presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has disclosed that this is his final journey on radio, just days after announcing that he had joined Kiss 100.

Speaking during an interview on Billy O’clock, the comedian who was asked if he would join Radio Maisha if they talked him out of Kiss 100 said this is his last, of working on radio.

Endapo ukitongozwa na Maisha?” asked Billy Miya.

To which the comedian responded saying that he now wants to own his own media company, and he has already started Jalang’o TV on YouTube.

Sahii ndio safari yangu ya mwisho redioni maanake nimeanza shughuli zangu na sasa ni mipango zangu pia kuwa na kitu yangu ya media nikaanza Jalang’o TV ndani ya YouTube. Kenya’s number one online show (This is my final journey on radio because I have started my own things. I plan to have my own media and I started Jalang’o TV on YouTube.) Said Jalang’o.

Heavy J Baba went ahead to mentioned that he received a call from Radio Maisha but chose to go to Kiss 100 because that is where his radio journey began, and he was returning home.

Mwenda tezi na omo, marejeo ngamani. Nilianzia kule, nimerudi nyumbani,” added Jalang’o.

Jalang’o hosted his first show on Kiss 100 alongside Kamene Goro on Monday.


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