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Fans raise concern over Crazy Kennar's well-being after cryptic message

Crazy Kennar writes a cryptic post amidst rumours of rift between him & his castmates

Crazy Kennar

Award winning comedian, Crazy Kennar has recently raised concerns among his fans after sharing a cryptic message about depression online.

On Tuesday, July 4, Kennar took to Instagram to share a message that read, "Depression is real."


This comes amidst reports of major changes in Kennar's life and unconfirmed rumors of a rift between him and his former castmates, Bushra, Yvonne Khisa, and Shiro.

As fans express worries about the comedian, speculation arises about the state of his mental health.

This post raised concerns among fans, who interpreted it as a possible indication that Kennar might be going through a difficult period in his life.


As fans expressed their worries about Kennar's well-being, some suggested that the cryptic message might be part of an upcoming comedy skit, highlighting Kennar's penchant for using unexpected twists in his content.

However, concerns lingered, as fans feared that the message could reflect genuine struggles he may be facing.

Crazy Kennar started working with a crew of six members before two gentlemen, UsefulIdiotry and Stano branched out.


In May 2023, Stano revealed the reasons he he split with Crazy Kennar, highlighting that they were still in good terms.

Expressing his gratitude and support, Stano emphasized that Crazy Kennar has always been there for him, and he will always reciprocate that loyalty. Refuted claims that Kennar had abandoned him for the girls.

In 2022, another member, Stephen Otieno, better known as Useful Idioty, left the 'Tales of the Crazy Kennar.'


I have not fallen out with anybody, I have started afresh,” he said, adding that he had taken a back seat to focus on his education and solo projects.

Notably, influencer Sabato Sabatoo recently called out Kennar, accusing him of slacking in his content creation.


Sabatoo attributed this decline in quality to Kennar's collaboration with family members and claimed that it had caused him to lose touch with his audience.

He further suggested that family interference might have been a contributing factor to the departure of Kennar's former crew.

moses_karanja_chege Bro haiwezi kuua trust in the lord ulikuja solo Kwa hii Dunia do your part it's time...... it's all in your mindset

kleinlangat No wonder your team members kina Bushra are ditching out🥲 shall be well brother

ADVERTISEMENT Last time ulisema "fear women" kumbe ilikuwa ni show

diana_marua Praying for whatever it is that is not okay. Love and Light

baby__ras Love and light. Pls, talk to someone you trust or a professional therapist. It's ok not to be oka

themumbua Its ok to take a break and be back. Much love my favourite comedian


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