Why Kenyans are impressed with Sauti Sol and Nyashinki's new song

This is a hit!!

“Our latest release is about self-reflection. Understanding that our frustrations with society can be tackled by us, as a generation, looking inward and holding ourselves accountable for the role we play. None of us are perfect, none of us are exonerated. Change begins when we all decide to act towards building a world we are proud to live in."  ft  Out now!” said Sauti Sol.

“Tujiangalie tuko pabaya leo kuliko jana sikio la kufa halisikii dawa tuko kwa twitter tunajibizana, tujiangalie tuko pabaya leo kuliko jana tusipoziba ufa tutajenga kuta, tusake zetu tungali vijana,” says part of the song.

Here are their reactions;

Wilfred Muthomi1 Ama hii song ikuwe national anthem?

Official YORIFA2 Exactly what's happening in our country... This is Not A Song, & if it is then its not only a song but also a message to Kenya in General... #ifikieWabunge & All leaders.

Random Videos Best Kenyan version of 'This is America' finally!!!! "Tutajua hatujui..."

Oebaism TV Yes it's High time Artists Know it's not always about Gwara Gwara & Shaku.truth is the true instrument of power.

1GB Comedian Sautisol and Nyashinski just met the other purpose of music that many Kenyan musicians have been missing... N that's the purpose of addressing the issues affecting us as Kenyans... Eric Wainaina should have been featured in this track... Good Job.

Joy Merciem Na wimbo wa taifa ukasema tukae na undugu, amani na uhuru. Tuko na UHURU na AMANI G. UNDUGU bado hajazaliwa. Akizaliwa Kenya will be on another level

john Another conscious song after juliani's "Niko njaa pia... Na siwezi karanga"

charles Ndungu A song describing what Kenyan has become.. We all agrees regardless of tribe or the leaders we voted..God Tukumbuke

Breshie You know its serious when even artists notice these things. Too bad. Mungu tusaidie hii Kenya


Why Kenyans are impressed with Sauti Sol and Nyashinki's new song

Lucy Beb This a very beautiful song if kenya didn't have bad leadership tungekua mbali ... We vote for good leadership but our votes get stolen ... Youth are suffering due to luck of employment .. Enyewe itabidi tujiangalie ..

Bendi Huru We haven't seen much artivism in Kenya's mainstream music scene so this is definitely BIG. 5 of Kenya's biggest voices in the music industry talking social activism and political awareness. Kenya need more artists to take this up, We can be the generation to change everything for the better. The REVOLUTION is at hand.

Victor Kigen This is deep and so smart to address the corruption issue on songs hope tutajiangalia furthermore we youths have the highest number of votes.

dennis kinuthia Conscious message and really relevant for Kenya at this moment in time...We need to check ourselves and make the right decisions as we vote.let's get a breed of leaders that work for us not the other way round.Beautiful piece sautisol

Oganga Khadudu Ati am richer than my neighbour but we both in the slum. Thats Kenya

mambo miano Hawa watu wanadislike ni ati wanaskiza ngoma ikiwa mute ama

Prince Newton This is Gods Might hand I swear am I the only one who never expected 2 songs from this legends. Kenyans si mercury si mapolitician si sambusa etc we loosing our self's Thank you for noting that sautisol and shinski. God bless.

Oganga Khadudu I was enjoying this. I feel like imeisha prematurely. Hope kuna part 2

viny kay Hawa wawili wafungiwe industry ya Kenya wapeleke home. Content

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