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Georgina Njenga’s warning after losing her man to another woman

A video shared by Georgina Njenga shows her in deep thoughts as she conveys her message to the woman who snatched her man.

Georgina Njenga

Content creator Georgina Njenga has shared a cryptic message to a woman who she accused of snatching her man.

Hinting at being single again after losing her man to another woman, the mother of one took to social media to pass a message to the woman in question.

A video shared by the content creator on Instagram shows her in deep thoughts.

She settled on Alikiba and Marioo's song 'Sumu' to pass her message to the woman who allegedly snatched her man and left no doubt as to who the intended recipient of the message was with her caption.


"To the girl who snatched my man," read Georgina Njenga caption of the video of herself singing to Alikiba and Marioo's song.

She stressed the part of the song in which the two musicians noted that unlike mountains that don’t meet, humans do.

"Sisi sio milima, tutakutana. Sisi ni watu, tutaonana. Sisi sio milima, tutakutana. Tukiwa kama watu, tutaonana,” Georgina sung.

The mother of one parted ways with her baby daddy, former Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha.


Georgina Njenga's new bae and matching tatoos

Shortly afterwards, she unveiled her new love interest and got matching tattoos with the man in question to cement their love.

The diva shared a video on Instagram showing ink job in progress and proudly showing two hands.

She celebrated acquiring the first tatoo with her new love interest whose identity she failed to reveal despite fans urging her to reveal the identity of the man in question.


"Can you tell us who the new guy is," asked one fan.

Georgina responded noting that she cannot say much for now, only that her new man makes her happy.

"I can't say much but he makes me happy. We already had our first matching tattoo btw," the mother of one responded.

In a past conversation with Eve Mungai, Njenga opened up on life after breakup, noting that healing takes time, especially after being in a long-term relationship.


"No one heals in one day or a short period, and when you've dated someone for long, but I am getting there," she expressed.

Baha on finding love again and the qualities he will focus on

Baha hopes to find love again and recently shared the qualities that are top on his list, noting that intelligence, loyalty and ability to give him a safe space and peaceful vibes are among what he is considering.

"I'm not looking for anything physical although it might play out. I want someone intelligent, and loyal and she should be my safe space. I want someone who can give me peaceful vibes," Baha confirmed.


The pair has a child together, born before their split.


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