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Verified stupidity – Netizens attack Jaguar after tweet on China writing off debt over Coronavirus

Jaguar is a musician what did you expect!

MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar

Kenyans on twitter have expressed their displeasure after Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar sent out a tweet saying that China has to write off Kenya's debt because Coronavirus (COVID-19) originated from there.

The first time legislator said that the Sh650 billion Kenya owes China can be paid to small scale traders and those living in informal settlements, whose income generating activities have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

He pointed out that it will be hard to convince people who live out of doing menial jobs to stay at home if they are not provided for.


Coronavirus originated from China. They have to write off Kenya's Sh.650 billion debt. We can channel repayments to small traders and informal settlements like Mukuru. We cannot convince people who live from hand to mouth to stay at home unless we provide for them. #GikombaCorona,” read Jaguar’s tweet.

His tweet met a myriad of mixed reactions with many attacking the MP and accusing him of being ignorant.

@Komondi43 Yani umekaa to chini ukafikiria hivi..what was jubilee manifesto?

@Lazooj Hii ndio inatwa verified stupidity.


@jimmyabachi Hapa you have reasoned kama ule Patrick wa SpongeBob

@Jobnyabuto3 talking from a point of ignorance

@Astallar_254 Your arguement lacks merit logic!!!!

@dgichuru I'm suprised you took time to try talk sense

@official_Gitau i wish i never voted btw shame on me


@KwenyeMan Yes Mheshimiwa, sahi izi ni wakati wa kusameheana deni

@dotyoung13 The type of leaders we have. Just bickering around. I thought you are legislators? Why can't you table your opinion in parliament and pass it into law?

@Sourtanne Street-wise thinking. Unbecoming of an elected leader. Ni hayo tu!

@ItsOngoma This tweet made me doubt your credibility Mheshimiwa. Zero content.

@JafferKeybar Jaguar is a musician what did you expect @ItsOngoma?


@Fredengosia Deni lazima tulipe...we took it willingly and our leaders knew the conditions. It has no relation to Corona Virus

@ThisIsMboya Sisi Kama wasee wa Mukuru tumekataa hii reasoning bana! Si practical! Viongozi wakifiria hivi hatuwezi pata solution bana! Hii ni kutafuta publicity at the expense ya watu vulnerable kama residents wa Mukuru!


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