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Video of Elodie Zone opening up on challenges in her life stirs social media

The video caused concerns with a section of netizens opining that Elodie Zone needs professional help to process the much that is going on in her life and work through them.

YouTuber Elodie Zone

Kenyan content creator, Elodie Zone has stirred social media with a video showing the young content creator opening up on her tribulations going viral and making her a trending topic.

In the video, the diva claims to have been abandoned by family and friends and cuts the image of a lady at one of her lowest moments navigating through the challenges and demands of life.

She also reveals that she recently lost her job and parted ways with friends after disagreements.


The content creator also shared that on the relationship front, things are also not okay as she recently broke up due to intimacy issues.

Delving into her relationships, the diva shared that she has been in four relationships, including two that were physically abusive and which the public may never get to know.

Relationships and violence

She also mentions that she has been through a rough patch with a man she lived with turning violent and subjecting her to physical abuse.


“I have been in four relationships and two of them have been physically abusive and people will never know. Same way right now it’s been about 15 minutes and I’ve come from being beaten up and you can’t even tell,” Elodie explained in the undated clip that has since gone viral.

Elodie claims that after beating her, the man threw her out of the house, and since February, she has had to stay in various Air BnB’s.

Explaining why she is not in her apartment, the content creator stated that she moved out as pets were not allowed in the building and left most of her stuff with people she trusts.


“Most of my priced possessions like my books, TV, things that are very valuable and sentimental to me I left with a specific individual,” she added.

“So, yeah. I’m just seated in this apartment not trusting anyone, not scared, not sad, not even angry. I just can’t think of the adjective,” Elodie added.

The video saw netizens weigh in on her plight.

Some opined that the diva is in need of professional help to process the much that is going on in her life and work through them.


Offers to assist also came in with volunteers.

In a past post on social media, Elodie shared that she struggles a lot with her mental health and has been open about it since she was 14.


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