The Cyco-logy of Ben Cyco; The Multifaceted Artist


Ben Cyco Influencer by Pulse

Oh my word! This is one of...nay the funniest interviewee by Influencer by Pulse. Ben Cyco is the dream of every interviewer. He is so lively, a smooth and easy talker. Ben is one of those relatable characters. He is funny, interesting, a charmer, and did we say funny? If you’re a wallflower, Ben’s the sort of person who’d make you feel right at home.

I think I first 'met' Ben when I attended a ‘concert’ at campus. He was in a band with a former university ‘mate’ and women would flock these gigs.

Ben’s sunny disposition brings us to a start and he carries the interview with such infectious enthusiasm.

“My name is Ben Cyco. I am a content creator, a musician and a podcaster. So there are people who know me as an artist and those who know me as a musician. Then there are those who know me as a Podcaster. I create content for my online radio aka my podcast. On top of this I create content with the amazing Wanjiru Njiru or should I say Wanjiru Njiru creates content with the amazing Ben Cyco?”

Would you find it strange to refer to your girlfriend by her two names? Dang it. We definitely should have asked this.

Ben and Wanjiru are both content creators, popular on The Cyco Podcast, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. As influencers, it is quite interesting to see them together. Their interaction is so effortless and beautiful to see. Swoon.

In an age where most Kenyan influencers shy away from using the term, Ben totally believes he is an influencer.

“An influencer is somebody who determines the decision of the person/people who follows them. It could be a pastor, a politician, a food enthusiast, a car enthusiast or even gang leaders. Pia wao wanaku-influence ju wanakufanya u-grow up u-take kuwa bad man. Yes I think I am an influencer based on what I do and have been doing for a long time. So people do follow me to want to learn those skills that I have learnt.”

In my opinion, should Ben have been a TV Show or a Radio host, I would be a huge fan. Not that I am not but his personality is definitely something TV would carry well. So why podcasting?

“I am very, very opinionated. Since I was a child. Nilikuwa mtoto wa ma-opinion. I always feel like I have a lot to say with regards to different things. So at first I thought I'd get a TV show so I started with a TV audition. I have done so many TV auditions and zote me hufail. I have tried radio. I've actually tried working in radio hoping to get a show but nothing worked. But the day I did a podcast , kwisha. And for me I think this is the best platform because no one controls what I say or talk about on my topic. I prefer it.”

Ben’s girlfriend, Wanjiru, is definitely that girl! She actually influenced him to get started on his podcast dreams and well, bless.

“The first episode on my podcast was with Wanjiru Njiru. It was some sort of a dare because I had postponed it for so long. She actually suggested it. ‘Si niko hapa. Na wewe uko hapa. Na Camera iko hapa?’ So that’s how I started out. Guys really loved it and after that we just started this small journey of podcasting and yeah. I am grateful to everyone who helped us grow into this big thing.”

Ben hardly shifts when we ask him about the most rewarding part in working together. To him, the answer comes to him as quickly as batting an eyelid.

“It’s sort of bringing two different personalities working together. I lean more towards the creative side and ubaya wa wasee ka sisi we are not big on following through things. I could have a 1000 ideas but I have never actualized it so somebody like Wanjiru is so keen on action points. She’s all about let’s start doing this, let's get with this so when you bring that together mna-create kitu ingine amazing sana. So now when I have an idea, I know that it will actually work because she will follow up and I am so grateful for that.”

Being in the public eye, we can only imagine that there’s definitely a line between working together and being together. How does he draw the line between their privacy and letting the audience into their lives?

“Well, I just show our audience what I feel needs to be shown. Also, showing kitu yenye haitaniforce ni-fake it. One thing I've noticed na being in the industry for a while ni ukianza na kitu uta-have kui-maintain. So I show people things that I can sustain, show them the real me.”

As a multi-faceted creative, Ben believes that it is no coincidence that the world is recognizing Kenyan creatives such as Elsa Majimbo.

“I think the Kenyan influencer industry is really, really growing despite the fact that there aren’t incentives from the government. In fact I think one of the best solutions to unemployment ni kufanya influencing ikuwe so easy such that we don't have to depend as heavily on formal jobs. Watengeze art sites in Nairobi, in Kisumu in Turkana, literally all over the country. Place wasee wanaeza come tu kucreate. Its not a coincidence that some of the best influencers during the Covid-19 quarantine walitoka Kenya kina Elsa. It's because kuna kitu Kenya and guys are just naturally entertaining. I believe Kenyans are really gifted. We have potential. Unaona venye Saudi Arabia iko na oil, Kenya inaeza kuwa hivo na content creation if the government took it a bit more seriously.”

We ask Ben how his life was before becoming the baddest in his craft and it takes him aback, “Haiya, I'm well known?”

He takes us through Ben before Cyco, how his time in the advertising world helped shape his career and shows off his prowess in the Kiswahili language.

Want to know what Ben thinks about girls who go to church? We’re not huge on spoilers so get on YouTube to find out!

Ben, it was fun having you over and we hope you keep doing big tings agwan with your podcast and music career.

Tunajua uta-TAWALA! (Pun intended).


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