Why Wanjiru Njiru is worth your Attention


Wanjiru Njiru

Good things come in threes and this is a first for Influencer By Pulse. This past week, we got to interview a couple. A couple that not only has been on the limelight for a while, a couple that is very fun to be around. I digress. In as much as being in a couple, we wanted to learn more about each of them first. It’s only right to get to know them as individuals first, right?

Ladies first.

She’s a stunner. She owns her clothing line; made in Kenya(so cool) and she loves watching Friends(even cooler). She has one of those names that are easy to stick to the mind. Wanjiru Njiru.

She starts us off…

"My name is Wanjiru Njiru and I am in the Content Creation space recently turned into a business. I run my own clothing line made in Kenya called Maua Wear. In my opinion, An influencer is somebody who can impact people's lives and influence (wow...using a term to describe another term….)."

We notice one thing about Wanjiru, even when she stumbles on a word, or remembers something mid-sentence, she will carry on gracefully without interrupting her flow. Brian, our video editor, would agree. She is an easy ‘edit’. And that’s a good thing.

Wanjiru goes on that an influencer is someone who influences your decisions; be it in purchasing, in how you think or in how you see yourself.

“I shy away from the term influencer but I think what I do qualifies to be termed as influencer so if the shoe fits, I wear it.”

To Wanjiru, clothes make her happy; especially those that make her look good and feel confident.

“The first time I remember being very cognizant of the fact that I am stylish and, like the fact that clothes make me happy was right when I joined university. I was in a certain relationship and the guy was also very into clothes so we used to go to Gikosh a lot.”

This absolute love for clothes saw Wanjiru start her own line, Maua Wear.

Maua Wear is my newest baby, my only baby right now. It was birthed out of a love for fashion and style. The emotion we are looking for with Maua Wear is to inspire women and instill that sense of confidence that comes with wearing...beautiful. I get a bust of confidence every time I look good and so I wanted to translate that into every Maua client,” says Wanjiru.

Bua, Mizizi, Twiga and Kahawia.

Wanjiru explains how she comes up with such names for line ,“The naming of the outfits was inspired by our love for flowers. We tried to infuse that with a bit of Kenyanisation so a lot of the names are Swahili.”

Kenyanisation. How apt.

With Wanjiru the Content Creator being created first before Wanjiru the Maua Wear Owner, she tells us that YouTube five years ago was a scary thing for her to dive into. However, she says she does enjoy it now, especially since doing it as a couple is quite comforting.

The thing about working together as a couple, money talks have to be held.

“We started this early on in our relationship and made the decision to be transparent about our financial decisions together. It's sort of like borrowing from one pool to help us do all these great things. In as much as I am not that financially literate(probably in comparison to an accountant or something), I am trying to improve my knowledge on money though.”

As we got into our Jaza Pengo section of the interview, Wanjiru let us into her life; what her most embarrassing moment has been and what she’s obsessive about. She thinks she’s very dramatic when it comes to finding time for herself and she easily talks about style and fashion. Watching her speak, gets you a major confident boost.

I hope she reads this. I hope she had fun. I hope the interview inspires her next Maua Wear outfit. Perhaps a bold flower. Like the burgundy Carnation or the vibrant Dahlia.

What’s the Kiswahili name of the Carnation?

We wrap up the interview.

“Do you remember that time?,” trailing off, Wanjiru animatedly turns to ask her boyfriend about the embarrassing moment she just shared.

I remember Avril Lavigne’s:

He's just a boy

And I'm just a girl

Can I make it any more obvious?

We are in love

Haven't you heard

How we rock each other's world”


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