Nyashinski speaks on return of Kleptomaniax

Are they making a comeback?

Nyashinski speaks on return of Kleptomaniax

Kenyan singer Nyashinski has finally spoken on the return of pop group Kleptomaniax which comprised of him, Collo and Roba.

Speaking in an interview with Mseto East Africa, Nyashinski said that nothing was stopping them from working together because they are very good friends.

He revealed that they had already worked on several projects together, but they still feel that the work is not ready for release.

Tunaweza fanya song kwa sababu bado sisi ni marafiki, hio si issue at all. Tumerecord, tuko na kazi Lakini hatujafika point tunafeel hii project tumefanya ni worth sisi kurelease, bado ni process. Personally sipendi kutoa tu song kwa sababu nimeirecord lazima nifike standard ile nafeel nimefanya my best,” said Nyashinski.

Asked whether Collo getting saved and switching from secular to Gospel music would affect their working relationship, Nyashinski was quick to deny, saying that it cannot be an issue at all.

He further said that they are always mindful of one another and they cannot do anything one of them might be uncomfortable with.

Uzuri wa relationship niko nayo na Collo na Roba mimi nawa allow to be themselves na pia wananiallow to be myself so hata kama tutafanya project pamoja unakuwa mindful na kitu mtu mwingine hatakuwa comfortable nayo unajaribu kuiweka isikuwe offensive. So itakuwa easy kublend,” Added the Mungu Pekee singer.

Kleptomaniax was formed in 1999 by Roba, Collo and Nyashinski while they were still in high school and they later on joined Ogopa DJs record label where they recorded two albums, before they took a break in 2007 to pursue solo projects.


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