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Why WCB’s new signee Zuchu is a force to reckon with as she unveils her EP ‘I am Zuchu’

Watch out for Zuchu, she is a game changer

How Zuchu’s EP Launch ‘I am Zuchu’ went down (Photos/Videos)

On Sunday, history was made in the Bongo Flava industry by the introduction of WCB Wasafi’s new signee Zuchu’s EP titled “I AM ZUCHU”.

Zuchu became the first artiste under the Diamond Platnumz owned record label to be unveiled with an EP of 7 hit songs, two of them being Bonus tracks from what had been announced earlier.

Ms Zuchu’s EP was unveiled in an event that was only restricted to the WCB Family, with fans getting a glimpse of her live performance via Wasafi TV and her YouTube channel that was streaming live the whole event.


She is a performer

Those presents at the “I AM ZUCHU” EP launch included; Diamond Platnumz, Lava Lava, Mbosso, Queen Darleen, Sallam SK, Babu Tale, Don Fumbwe, Ricardo Momo, Khadija Kopa, Mkubwa Fella just but to mention a few.

Speaking during the EP Launch, WCB President Nasseb Abdul mentioned that the key quality of any artiste to be signed under his record label largely depends on his or her song writing ability, a thing that Zuchu has mastered well.

During the EP Launch, Zuchu managed to prove to the world, why she in the new queen of Bongo Flava, from her Live Band performance, vocal variation, stage presence and her writing skills. Every song on her EP carries a story of its own.


Zuchu’s able band spiced up the launch with their extra ordinary skills when it came to handling their instruments and their sweet voices.

It was an emotional moment at the EP launch when Zuchu brought her mother ‘Khadija Kopa’ on stage, to perform their song Mauzauza. The mother daughter moment was just everything.

Zuchu is the daughter of renown Tanzanian Taarab singer Bi Khadija Omar Kopa.

Diamond’s manager and an official at WCB Sallam SK said Zuchu is fully baked and ready for the markert, “Sisi tumemtengeneza na kumpika vizuri ili akitoka awe ni msanii ambae amekamilika"


What makes Zuchu stand out as a great artiste

The new WCB signee Zuchu poses all the great qualities that make a professional artiste who is ready for the music industry; Patience, Passion, Persistence, Go-getter attitude, Team Mentality and Discipline.

Patience- this is the quality of calm and endurance. Zuchu has been recording for the past 4 years and she never gave up on her dreams and indeed for her this is the right time to hit the market when she is fully baked. God’s timing is the best.

She has been in the the pipeline for the past four years, working on her craft, perfected her vocals, writing skills and stage presence.


Song Writing skills

A bigger percentage of women in the music industry depend on professional song writers for their careers to thrive and in most cases they rarely write their own songs.

But one of the biggest quality about the new WCB signee is her song writing skills and diversity. Listening to WCB CEO talk during her EP launch it is evident that her song writing ability is one of the biggest virtue that convinced him (Diamond) to invest in her.

Ability to own the stage

Watching Zuchu perform during her EP Launch, it’s evident that she is not just a studio artiste but she has the capability of owning the stage.



For a very long time now, Platnumz has nurtured his artistes not to depend on main stream media when it comes to promoting their musical works.

As they always say Media only follows something that has got a buzz or extraordinary. Zuchu’s EP launch was not an ordinary launch, from the setup, her band to its coverage, it was clear that WCB had invested in their new talent and not even Corona could stop WCB from giving their new signee the best. The long studio hours have finally paid off.

In 2015, Zuchu was among contestants who represented Tanzania in the Tecno own the stage competition that went down in Nigeria.


Talking about her EP, a thankful Zichu said “Nichukue Nafasi hii kuwashukuru Wote! Jana ilikuwa siku kubwa sana kwangu,na Alhamdulillah imepita salama. Ushirikiano mlionionesha jana kwa kutazama tu ulikua ni mkubwa mno! Lakini kijana wenu mimi ni binadamu kukosea ni lazima. Hivyo basi nawaomba mnipokee na mapungufu Yangu na Mazuri yangu. Shukrani zangu za dhati Kwa uongozi wangu mzima wa @wcb_wasafi na Wasanii Wenzangu! Asanteni sana kwa kunisimamia mpaka kufanikisha hili @diamondplatnumz boss umenihangaika sana kunitrain,kunisawazisha ,kunipa moyo ASANTE SANA BOSS. Pia nimshukuru official producer wa Wcb kakaangu @lizerclassic Umefanya kazi kubwa sana. Shukrani kwa @moccogenius @blvcq_beatz_igbo6 @nusdervenom @themixkiller_ pamoja na team yangu nzima ya Liveband . Kwa kushirikiana na mimi na kwenye utengenezaji wa EP yangu ya IAMZUCHU”.


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