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Why we created an Instagram account for our newborn - Mr Seed and Nimmo

The IG account has over 11,000 followers and it has barely been 3 days since it was created.

Mr Seed with wife Nimo Gachuri and their new born Gold (Courtesy)

Celebrity kid’s Instagram accounts are on the rise and there are many reasons why celebrities create Instagram accounts for their kids.

For celebrities like DJ Mo and Size 8, they created Instagram accounts for their daughter Ladasha upon realizing that she had the potential to attract a lot of followers given her parents’ star power and fans’ interest in the little girl’s life.

For the Seeds, they created their son’s Instagram account to preserve his precious moments online.


In a post marking Gold Christen’s debut into the social media realm, the couple posted “We created this account for you to help us preserve such moments, show you how much joy you brought, make you see how much you were loved from the moment you arrived till when you will be old enough to make your own decisions. To making more memories my STAR.”

The account has already attracted over 11,000 followers and growing making their son Instagram -famous just 3 days after he was born.

With such numbers, the couple can be sure to get a good endorsement deal like Baby Heaven or Baby Tiffah.


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