Controversial Gospel singer Willy Paul Msafi has introduced his baby mama to the world, for the first time.

In a video he shared on Instagram, the singer revealed his baby mama’s face while singing along to his latest song.

There she goes!! The mother of my son!!” captioned the ‘Malingo’ singer.

Willy Paul introduces baby mama for the first time

This comes a few months after he disclosed that he had a son with a white woman.

Speaking exclusively to, Willypozze revealed that he had a son and he was happy to be a dad.

He added that children are a blessing from God, despite having denied earlier reports that he was a father.


“Niko na mtoi. I have a son, wee jua I have a son and I am happy. Watoto ni blessing .Wewe jua niko na mtoto mzungu mahali,” he revealed.

The singer also disclosed that even though he has a son he was abstaining from sex till marriage.