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I slept with three ladies all infected with HIV/AIDS in a span of one year [PART 1]

Kwani nilirogwa na nani?

 One man three ladies

My cousin owns an Electronics Shop. To him it’s a business but to me it’s a shop of fate. It’s a meeting point between me and my friends. Sometimes I do help in sales as he runs other errands.

January 16th, 2018, at the shop a young beautiful lady approaches.

“Mambo, Deno ako hapa?” she asked. Deno is my best friend since high school.

“Apana, ametoka kidogo nikusaidie aje?” I reply.


“Hakuna nilikua nimekuja tu kumsalimia, mgotee akirudi.”

She was thick, curvy and wearing a black jumper and black short. We had a few minutes of casual talk before her brother who was accompanying her suggested it was getting late and they should leave. I managed to get her number. That night, and many other nights we would chat a lot. A thing I’m not good at. Within a week we had connected in all levels and we had even planned for her to visit.

She was knocking on my door

Friday 23rd February, 2018 at around 5. P.M, she was knocking on my door. When I opened, I realized she had dressed for the occasion. She rocked a short black dress that was revealing her thick thighs, one of those bras that lift the boobs to the nose and her scent, God! She smelled so good. She really meant business. In my house I only had two condoms. The first one I used in a hurry that I cum within a record 46 seconds.My worst record till today.


For your information the second condom was well utilized until it broke and burst during a rather not so slow thrusting. I suggested we do it Raw, but she declined. Actually she said she can’t because she thought she was HIV Positive. I have never been so terrified in my life. My heart almost stopped beating. Since it was late, we agreed we would visit a VCT the following morning.

10. A.M Saturday 24th of February, we were seated at a VCT office in Thika Level 5 Hospital. I explained everything and anything. After chatting with the good doctor for about 30 minutes, I learnt new words, Prep, PeP, Discordant Couple. Then it was time for the test. At that point I was silently praying for my lady to turn negative. As we were waiting for the results, the doctor would joke,

“Yaani tukiuwawa na kazi huku mchana kuna watu wamejifungia kwa nyumba wakilimana”

The joke wasn’t even funny


I smiled. The joke wasn’t even funny. She was calm, composed rather. I could read it on her face that she had been through much worse than this. She wasn’t even surprised when he told her she was Positive. Had the door not been locked, I would have ran away not to be seen again. My lady cried so much.

I hugged her and promised her everything will be well. She made me swear that I would never leave her which I did. She was issued a file so as to start medication and I was given PeP, 28 days tablets. When we left the hospital at around 2 P.M, we went for lunch at a local joint, where she told me she had decided to tell her mother, my mind was so occupied with thoughts. Thoughts of how easily I could have been infected due to my lust.

We parted ways at around 5.40 P.M. I took my first pair of PeP at around 6.07 P.M and I did so for the rest of 28 days at exactly the same time. Side effects were killing me and whenever I called in sick at work, I would lie it's typhoid. My lady stayed over for a few more days and then left for upcountry, where her mum is. After 28 days, I tested Negative and on April 27th I tested Negative again. Phew!

By then I knew I was safe. On the other hand, she was taking her Meds and she had learned to accept her status. Life was finally back to normal, at least on my side. I would often visit my cousin’s shop. Not too often though, because he had married and his wife was helping in management of the shop.


She was beautiful and She was into me

June 1st, 2018, Madaraka day. I passed by the shop to fetch my other cousin as we were to visit our old man. On arrival, he was not there, he said he will be there in 3 minutes but he actually took close to an hour. Always lying on phone. As I was waiting for him, our new bride sent me to look for Sh1,000 change at the opposite shop. Upon entering the shop, I quickly noticed a new face. An unfamiliar lady was scrolling through her phone, probably bored.

“Mambo, Tafadhali nisaidie na change,” I said.

“Waaah, hii pesa yote. Sina. Lakini unaweza anagalia pale kwa butchery,” she suggested.

I lied that I had come from the same butchery, I even added that I was sent from the electronic shop to try to persuade her to no avail. Within the next 3 minutes we talked, I realised two things. 1. She was beautiful and 2. She was into me. Of course I was not wrong. Before we even crossed River Chania, I got a WhatsApp text message from a new number. She was quick to explain herself and she had asked for my number from my cousin’s wife.


We talked a lot that day and since I was to get back late, we agreed to meet the next day after work. After we collided, we were inseparable. Every night I would walk her home. She was a brown-skinned lady, average in height and she was so confident.

She was 3 years older than me yet she looked so young. And she was a slay queen also, “I cannot date a man who doesn’t use a deodorant” she said during our first chat, forcing me to scramble for a quality deodorant before I lose my chances.

We had so much fun, night walks, dinner dates, an amazing sex life, we had it all. I was in love. She was in love. We even exchanged our house keys.

On the fateful day Friday 24th of August, I was to collect some stuff from her house. I arrived there at around 3 P.M.

That morning, she had accidentally left her sink tap open and you all know the aftermath, her house was flooded. As the loving boyfriend I was, I started to clear the water.


What may have otherwise been an act of love and kindness turned into an exercise I wish I had never undertaken.

I collapsed on the bed and cried so much

As I went on with cleaning, I noticed something inside her suitcase, on the left side, between her clothes, it was a small black paper. I got curious and when I opened it, I almost fainted. There they were, the blue pills and some white ones too, 24 of them in total. I could not talk, I could not believe my eyes, my mouth wide agape, my feet unable to support my body, I collapsed on the bed and cried so much. I don’t think women understand how much it takes for a man to actually breakdown and cry like a baby.

Why didn’t she tell me? Maybe they don’t belong to her?”. I lied there motionless for more than 3 hours, thinking, arguing and fighting with myself.


I left her house at around 7.30 P.M to go help her close the shop as it was the norm.

“Babe hukai kama uko na furaha,” she noted.

Niko sawa,” I said, trying to suppress everything within me that wanted to strangle her.

“Labda uko na mood swings. Umeanza kunyesha?” she joked, attempting to make me laugh and upon realizing she was failing terribly, she kept quiet.

Things were different that night. First, I didn’t hug her or peck her as I was our custom. Second, we didn’t hold hands when walking home and neither did we talk to each other. Before you start saying “stigma” and such, that was not why I wasn’t affectionate.


I know body contact is not one of the ways you get HIV and besides, I had slept with the woman so getting the dreaded disease was the least of my worries. Does this woman know it is illegal to sleep with someone without disclosing you have HIV?

Nikitoa maji huku niliona ARVS, Ni zako?

“Ngai Beb kwani maji iliingia huku” she asked upon opening her door. I did not answer her, maybe I wasn’t interested in talking about anything else apart from the ARV pills.

I entered after her and I left the door ajar, intentionally. I knew I was hot tempered and should my temper rise, I would have to run outside otherwise I had already contemplated strangling the life out of her yellow skin!


“Nikitoa maji huku niliona ARVS. Ni zako?” I asked.

I am always shy but this time I was staring directly at her face. I noticed that the brightness on her face turned dull, and she was scared. When she finally gathered enough courage to talk she mumbled few words.

“Eti?” I asked.

By now my tempers were raising and I could see she was realizing it.

“Ni long story Dan I wiii…”


Nimekuuliza swali. Hizi pills ni za zako?” I interjected.

“Yes ni Zangu”

“Umezitumia for how long?”

“Almost mwaka”

We looked away from each other, we couldn’t talk, perhaps unsure of our next word.


“Mbona haukuniambia mapema?” I asked after a 5 minutes silence, maybe longer. She turned away, looked up, looked around then looked straight in my eyes and for the first time, I saw her tears. I handed her my handkerchief amid confusion in the room.

A room that not more than 24 hours contained two souls that were so in love that you could hear them giggle like little children from afar. That room spoke love, ate love and slept romance. Within the walls of that room were so many promises, promise of happiness, a family and kids. Inside the walls there were invisible writings of our kids names. Two kids. If walls could speak, they would tell a story of dreams and aspirations of two love birds connected so deep, deep that they could not be separated. Dreams that were beginning to bear fruits.

Note: The Narrator of the story has requested anonymity

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