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Zari Hassan’s response after being accused of not helping the poor during the ongoing lockdown in Uganda

Zari hits back

Zari Hassan’s classy response to fan who attacked her for not helping the poor during the Coronavirus Pandemic

South African based Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan is fed up with critics who are always on her case dictating how she should live her life and spend her money.

A user identified as Ruth Atys reached out to Ms Hassan with allegations that she has not helped any poor person in Uganda during the ongoing lock-down over Coronavirus pandemic.

“Atleast pretend and give something to the poor people in Uganda during the lockdown and south Africa!” Posed Ruthie_atys.


I don't live a life of pretense

However, in a quick response, the Mother of five stated that she has always helped where she can and those judging her should first strive to give back before pointing fingers.

She also cautioned the critic not to dictate people on how they should use their money yet they never participated in making the same.

@ruthie_atys I do what I do for my communities and my work is always seen. Question is what do you do for your community? Ps, I don't live a life of pretense. Lastly don't tell people how to use their money, you don't make it for them....” responded Zari Hassan.


Zari gets backup from Fans

Ms Hassan’s classy response prompted a number of her fans to join the conversation defending her.

natashaadams42 @zarithebosslady 👏👏👏that last statement sealed it. Tebazitukorera naye banguwa otugamba engeri yozikozeza. Mtcxww 🙄🙄:”

jeldathesagittarius @zarithebosslady I like you for free...well responded...let her make her money at least spend the way she wants...human beings though nkt”

maggybett @zarithebosslady preaaaaaach people act soooo entitle these days 😂😂😄”


mamajaymohzahsai @zarithebosslady 🤣🤣🤣🤣very well replied...precisely how do u plan or budget on someone else's u make it for them...stupidity to another level”

hotchocolate_coco @ruthie_atys How will you know if she did or didn't help people 🤔 Must everyone show off to the world their good deeds?”

vuyisom @zarithebosslady Tell her. Its not a force matter and your life is none of her business”

darabella_beauty@zarithebosslady my point exactly they want to control your funds that only you worked hard for and also tell you how to live your life”


nthenyalaura@zarithebosslady Kabisa!!! 🔊Tell 'em girl!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙌🏼 👏👏👏 Spot On! Don't tell pple how to use their money, you don't make it for them!! Periodt!!!”

@zarithebosslady “what gives people the audacity to tell other people what to do with their money?😤😡”

nasmaally1234 @zarithebosslady tenk you @zarithebosslady for giving a answer which has truth in it and politely answer”

jikela.simba@zarithebosslady “real i like it mama❤️❤️ jmn waafrica tubadlke mtu utafte kwa jasho ahe akupangie jinsi ya kutumia????huu n umama”


m.atuhaireb @ruthie_atys Is she the government to cater for people needs or is Zari a politician seeking for votes. If you so like to give to people,do so,no one has stopped you. The many times Zari has given to to the less fortunate, did you first ask her to?”


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