The FIFA World Cup has officially come to a close.

The final match between France and Croatia saw the former bag a win last night with a 4-goal lead ahead of their opponents who managed to bag two goals of their own.

It was an intense match, to say the least, but entertaining all the same to watch.

Here are some of the memorable moments of the Russia 2018 World Cup final.

1.Pitch invaders

Four over enthusiastic fans made there way onto the pitch during the second half of the game. Their exit from the stage wasn’t as exciting though as they were literally carried and dragged off the pitch by security.

Russian protest performance group Pussy Riot took responsibility for the intrusion, posting up their statement on social media.

2.Croatia’s second goal

The French team’s goal keeper had a bit of lapse that earned Croatia their second goal. After receiving the ball during a pass in the match, Hugo Lloris delayed to clear the ball which ended up with him being tackled by Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic.

Lloris clearly learned form his mistake as during a similar moment during the match, he appeared to have delayed to clear the ball once again but when faced with a Croatian player, he opted to pick up the ball instead.

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3.Russia’s president only one under an umbrella when it started raining

During the award ceremony, it started raining and while most expected that all leaders would be shielded from the rain, only Russia’s president Vladimir Putin was under an umbrella. Croatia’s president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and France’s president Emmanuel Macron were left to soak it all up for the rest of the ceremony – literally.

4.First own goal in a World Cup final

Croatia suffered a huge blow in the first half, as Mario Mandzukic scored the very first own goal in World Cup finals history giving France a lead in the game.

5.Mbappe is the second teenager to score in a World Cup since Pele

Kylian Mbappe became the second teenager to score in the World Cup final since Pele. The Brazilian legend took to his Twitter to welcome him to the club saying that “ it’s great to have some company”.

Honorable mention

Peter Drury

Sports commentator Peter Drury has been a fan favorite throughout the World Cup with his energetic and lively commentary of the games so it only makes sense that he would be a highlight of his own in this list.

Football lovers enjoyed his commentary so much that they are rooting for him to commentate on FIFA 19.