15 short girl problems that every short girl can relate to

It's always double the effort and half the reward.

From always having to find ‘extra height’ to reach high shelves to constantly being frozen at the club, these are definitely some struggles only short girls can relate to.

1.Everyone's always trying to verify your age

The bouncers always want to check your ID at the club even though you're possible older than everyone in your group.

2.Your always being used as a human arm rest

3.The annoying sexual connotations

'Na weh ni size poa'


5.Not being able to keep up with your friends when you walk with them

6.Standing next to your tall friends isn't all that great either

7.‘You’re so short’ (pats short girl on the head)

8.People never want to take you seriously

9.Always being mistaken for a child

10.Not being able to rock baggy clothes without looking like you stole them from your mom's closet

11.Hugs always seem to be awkward

12.Can never reach things on the high shelves

13.Your feet never touch the ground when you sit down

14.The short jokes

15.The bit of joy when you meet someone that’s shorter than you


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