7 do’s and don’ts of wearing a crop top

Crop top rules

Tanasha Donna rocking a crop top (Instagram)

It’s not too late to try out the crop top trend if you are yet to. Crop tops give you a sexy look and make you stand out since not many people have the courage to rock them. Even so, you need to consider a few do’s and don’ts the next time you wear one so that you don’t end up looking like one of those cases of wardrobe malfunction.

Check out these do’s and don’ts and apply them where necessary:

1. Be very confident

The rule number one of wearing a crop top is confidence. If you are to rock a crop top, you need to stand, walk and do everything with confidence. If you feel uncomfortable in it, then do not dare walk out of the door in it because somehow, people can always tell when you are having trouble with your outfit.

2. Tone your body if you have to

Some women have no problem rocking a crop top even regardless of their body shape. That is where confidence comes in. But if you feel like getting rid of your belly fat and toning that area will boost confidence, go ahead and do that. Thereafter, you can rock your crop top comfortably.

3. Don’t make it too short

Anything too short makes it a bra or a bralette.

4. Do keep it simple

The crop is already an outstanding outfit on its own and only needs little or no accessories at all. Simplicity adds to the elegance.

5. Pair it up with high-waisted skirt/pants

While some people will still wear crop tops with low-waisted pants or shorts, a high-waisted skirt or pant gives you a killer look.

6. Avoid too much exposure

A crop top exposes your belly which might be enough skin to show. A crop top that shows too much of your cleavage or one with a low-back might come out as ‘too much’.

7. Don’t be afraid of DIYs

No crop top? No problem. Go ahead and DIY a crop top with one of your T-shirts or shirts.


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