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The 4 major mistakes you make before sleeping that age you

Make ageing with grace a choice.

But that is not the point.

Slight changes in your day to day life can greatly affect the way you look when you are older. Smoking or not using sunscreen before exposing your skin to the sun are some of the common factors that cause ageing but there are other little mistakes you may be making before bed that are making you look 5 years older than you actually are.

According to Womens Health Magazine, these are four major mistakes to avoid if you want to age gracefully.


1.Sleeping on your face

When you sleep facing down, you risk your face sagging as well as increase the possibility of losing collagen which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin.

This explains the puffiness of your eyes and face in the morning.

2.Not drinking water

Dehydration causes your skin to lose turgor – basically how hard your skin is – and its bounciness.


It also leads to dry skin which tends to make the skin wrinkly and sunken especially around the ye area.

3.Forgetting to wash your face

Every woman knows they aren’t supposed to sleep with their make-up on but generally just washing your face before sleeping - even when you have no make-up on - is still important.

It helps to get rid of the sweat and dirt of the day and as a result opens up your pores so that your skin can refresh and regenerate during the night.

4.Using too many skin care products


Know the right types of products to use on your face. Skin products contain different chemicals that may be specifically designed to tackle a particular skin issue such as getting rid of wrinkles or fight acne. Mixing some of these products together may have the opposite effect on you which in return ages you. Consult a skin expert to help you find the right combination of products for your skin.


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