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This is why you should start massaging your baby

It's good for your baby

Baby massage (The New Times)

Maybe you ever tried massaging your baby but could not continue because they cried all through. Or, maybe you are afraid that massaging your baby could hurt them.

According to Mayo clinic, infant massage can be really helpful to the baby so long as it’s done in the right way. Before you massage your baby, make sure they are in their best of moods – yes, babies can be moody too and highly irritable. If your baby is crying and seems restless, then it’s probably not the best time to massage them. But if they are calm, it’s possible that they are going to enjoy the massage.

How to massage your baby


First forward, you need to make sure that the environment is friendly for the baby. There is no way they are going to like it if it’s cold and they are shivering. If you are doing it indoors, heat up the room first before you undress them for a massage.

Also make sure that the place is quiet or you can put on some slow, soothing music. To make the gliding easier, use an oil such as coconut oil. Massage them gently making sure that you do not tickle them as this might make them irritable and they’ll resist it.

Another important thing to consider before massaging your baby is how long it is since they fed. It should be done at least 30-40 minutes after they feed to avoid vomiting.


Since the baby cannot talk, be sure to watch their response as you massage them. If you watch keenly, you can tell if they like it or if it makes them comfortable. If they resist it, don’t force it. Leave them alone and try it some other time.

Benefits of massaging your baby

1. It helps them sleep better

A massage helps to relax the baby and it’s a good way to lull them to sleep. For children who find it difficult to sleep, studies have shown that they sleep better after a massage.


2. It improves digestion

You might have heard people say that their infant pooped after a massage. This is because the massage process relaxes various body organs thus enhancing the digestion process. If the baby is suffering from gas, constipation or indigestion, a good massage might be all they need.

3. Bonding


This is another perfect way for you to bond with your baby. Talk to them through the process to make it more enjoyable for both of you. As you interact with your baby, your bond becomes stronger.

4. Relieves colic

Most babies cry even after they are well fed and had their diapers changed due to colic. Although the real cause of colic is not known, baby massage has been found to relieve it.


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