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Annoying things plus size girls are tired of hearing

Don't say these things to them

Overweight (Black Coffy)

While some plus size women are comfortable with their weight and body, the truth is that some are not so happy with it and are struggling to appreciate their bodies. So, while your comments may be meant to make them feel better, they may not take it that way. Which is why you should think twice before commenting on anything related to their size and weight.

For instance, here are a few things plus size women wish you would just stop saying to them:

1. You should probably stop eating that


Like anyone else, they have a right to eat what they want and they know what’s healthy and what’s not. So if they choose to eat two burgers, it shouldn’t bother you.

2. You are not as big

This is supposed to make them feel better? Not when it’s clear that you are lying in their face.

3. You are too big for your age


Plus size girls have been told so many times that they look much older because of their size. But this is just a mean comment that you should keep to yourself.

4. How many kgs do you weigh?

First, this is intrusive and you shouldn’t go asking people about their weight. If they are comfortable talking about their weight, they will do so when they are ready.

5. You should start eating healthy


And who said they haven’t been eating healthy? Don’t conclude that because some people are overweight due to underlying health conditions.

6. My friend lost weight by following this particular diet

If she hasn’t told you that she is trying to lose weight, don’t offer your suggestions. Maybe she prefers to remain as she is.


7. What are you doing to manage your weight?

Again, this is one of those things you should keep to yourself unless you want to get in trouble with plus size women.

8. You need to cut your portions

Losing weight is more than cutting your food portions. Also, it doesn’t mean that they are big just because they have been eating a mountain of food.


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