Want flawless skin? Avoid making these common mistakes

Do you make these mistakes when it comes to your face?

You’ve switched up your products over ten times and are gulping down gallons of water but nothing’s working.

The problem might not be in the products you’re using but it may be in the little things you’re doing.

1.Touching your face with dirty hands

Your hands carry over 3000 bacteria; all of different species. When you touch your face, you transfer those germs to your face and they end up irritating your skin.

It’s impossible to tell someone to stop touching their face all the time but minimizing how many times could help fast track your journey to your desired flawless skin.

2.Using hot water on your face

One of the most common face washing mistakes, is washing your face in the shower. The hot water strips your skin of necessary oils and can leave your skin feeling dry, vulnerable and cracked.

3.Popping pimples

Everyone that struggles from acne knows that popping your pimples and zits is a complete no. Popping pimples leaves your skin with ugly scars that turn to black heads and you expose yourself to more bacteria – which worsens the situation other than make it better.

4.Using wrong products on your face

Make sure to choose the right skin products for your face. The products used for oily skin may not work on someone that has dry skin so it is very important to know what your skin type is.

5.Over exfoliating

Don’t over-do the exfoliation otherwise you’ll just be counteracting the whole point of exfoliation. Your skin may end up tearing and leave your skin vulnerable and weak.

6.Not using sunscreen

UV rays from the sun can be very harsh on your skin-regardless of how much melanin you have- so make sure that you always put on your sunscreen.

All those Nairobians headed to Mombasa or are already in Mombasa, make sure to carry your sunscreen with you.


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