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I couldn’t leave the bed on my own – Carolina on recovering from CS delivery

Dealing with a CS wound is super painful - Carlz

Carolina and her baby

You can never resist her contagious smile. It’s one of those smiles that make you smile even without knowing the reason. You would actually think that Carolina Carlz has had it all easy. But no, she tells us that she knows every bit of the pain that comes with giving birth and the difficulties of taking care of a newborn.

Taking us back to her delivery, the mother of one tells us that there were several things that prompted her to request a CS delivery. And being in the theater was actually nothing compared to what was yet to come.

“It was tough healing from a CS wound. Imagine, the baby is crying at night and you want to pick them up for a feed. You have to sit up, turn to pick them up and this was the most painful experience ever,” She tells this journalist.


Carolina could not even leave the bed on her own

And this was not all. Even an easy task such as waking up and leaving the bed was an uphill for her.

“Even leaving the bed was challenging. My guy had to sit me up and help me leave the bed. He also had to help me hold the baby,” Carolina recalls.

In a country where you still hear people arguing about which method of giving birth is better, Carolina notes that what matters is delivering your baby safely. For her, all moms are equal regardless of whether they had a vaginal birth or C-Section.


I am not less of a mother and I am not less of a woman because I didn’t push. Some people are quite ignorant about cesarean section delivery. They consider CS as not being a painful experience. What they don’t understand is that before you get a CS, there are a lot of activities and circumstances that force you to go through a CS. And also, dealing with CS wound is super painful. You can’t even risk getting pregnant before the wound heals. As the tummy expands, you put yourself at risk of getting a tear on your CS cut. So, whether it’s a CS or vaginal birth, we are all heroes,” Says Carolina.

Misconceptions associated with CS 


As our interview with Carolina Carlz comes to an end, she helps us bust some misconceptions associated with having a CS.

Some people think that you will have a cut running through your tummy but it’s not true. With today’s technology, the cut is quite small and they do it on the bikini line. Even when wearing a bikini or panty, no one can tell that you have a CS wound at all.” Carolina says.

Usually, someone who’s had a vaginal birth is advised to stay for 6 weeks before resuming to their sex life. But what about someone who’s undergone a CS delivery? You’d think that they take much longer but as Carolina tells us, you have no reason to get worried.

“I had heard people say that after CS, your sex life wouldn’t go back to normal as fast. But after one month and two weeks, one is okay. If you want to engage in it you can as long as you don’t use positions that strain you,”she says.


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