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6 ways to reduce cellulite on your body

Bye bye cellulite.

As women grow older, the collagen store keeps declining thus the occurrence of cellulite.

No need to worry though as there are some ways to reduce cellulite on the body by changing a few little things with your lifestyle.

1.Focus on a plant-based diet


A lot of animal products have hormones that encourage the development of cellulite so stack up on the greens and plant-based foods.

Greens contain fiber, anti-oxidants and enzymes that help clean out the bowel and remove toxins.

2.Drink plenty of water

Water is life and also great at reducing cellulite.

3.Dry brushing


Dry brushing reportedly helps with blood circulation and in eliminating toxic build up in the body. Brushing the body also helps the skin to look radiant. Ensure that your skin and the brush are dry when brushing however.

Brush for five minutes and then wash away the dead cells and impurities.

4.Exfoliate the body often

Exfoliate your body using your preferred choice of exfoliator and also to help stimulate circulation.

5.Exercise regularly


Find exercise that helps you tone up your muscles and to help improve circulation.

6.Losing weight

When losing weight, try not to get rid of it too quickly. Respect the process of losing weight and allow your body to go through the process slowly.


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