4 reasons why you feel cold all the time

This is why you are always cold.

Feeling cold all the time, even when the sun is blazing outside is a whole different thing altogether.

Here are 4 possible reasons why you may be feeling chilly.

1.You’re too thin

People that have a low BMI – around 18.5 – tend to feel chillier.

For starters they may lack enough body fat to help them keep warm.

2.You don’t have enough iron

The red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body with the help of iron thus bringing heat and other nutrients to every cell in the cells.

Without enough iron, you might shiver.

3.Poor circulation

Poor circulation occurs when certain parts of the body feel cold while other parts stay warm. This is why you may find that your feet and hands are cold while the rest of your body is warm.


Water regulates the body’s temperature.

If you are properly hydrated, your body will store heat and release it slowly managing your body temperature at a comfortable zone.


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